Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Catch-All

This is the new catch-all for FFXIV:ARR. The old one was for the first game, which quite frankly was terrible. New game, new catch-all.

This also helps to serve as a central point for the GWJ FC on Midgardsormr to connect with some of the FC members outside of the game to arrange times for Static Coil, EX Primals, etc.

Free Company Website for scheduling:

Some useful links for new players:

New player tips:

More tips:

Official Site:

And for more experience players:

The wiki I use:

A useful, albeit old layout of the end-game:

Hopefully, I'll get to play a bit for the next month!

This is great but shouldn't this be in the MMORPG section?

Balthezor wrote:

This is great but shouldn't this be in the MMORPG section?


I'm just gonna throw this out there for anyone playing the PS4 beta. You can up-size everything in the UI to a readable size by using HUD Layout and then picking each element you want to resize and clicking R3. You can also resize some of the UI windows that don't show up in the HUD Layout interface by clicking R3 when looking at them in the game (Character, Inventory, Duty Finder, etc...). The only thing i've found that I cannot resize is the quest bubble text which is really annoying, however as a workaround I just added NPC text to the General tab and sized the font up to 19 under Character Settings. This way all NPC quest text shows up in your chat window which has a decent font size. While it's not ideal, it makes the game plenty playable from 15' for me.

Also mouse mode is L1+R3, you can use this to resize windows such as the map and the chat window to make them a bit bigger.

Our numbers in game have grown to about 25 active members. Last weekend we had 13 people on at once!

Looks like our coil group will be looking towards the end of the week to setup shop.

I just realized I posted in the wrong place...

Is the FC still alive?