[Melbourne, VIC] 8 Mar 2014 - BOARDGAMES DAY!


Saturday March 8 from 10am at Games Lab in Melbourne.

Crossing over with several other boardgaming groups so we can combine to form BOARDGAMING VOLTRON.

If you would like to come, or know of anyone who would, let me know here or on twitter (@weemadando) so we can ensure we've got enough games to keep everyone covered.

Sounds fun. I hope to come along to the next one. I haven't played an actual boardgame in years though. I'm happy to watch and learn the rules if you're playing something from the deeper end!

No problem, we don't have a deep roster of games, but there's a good spread of complexity. We look forward to seeing you there.

I really need to move to Melbourne!

I am a good chance to make it this week

Quiet night tonight, hope to see folks next time.

Alas, I got majorly held up in the afternoon, and made it to the door 5 minutes too late. That's just the way my life goes at the moment! At least I know where to go now

Well, as I said on twitter, next time...

Games tomorrow night for anyone who is interested.

We'll make sure to hang around at least five minute more...


The move to Wednesday night has killed sny chance for me for a while

It seems we have terrible luck like that.

edit: plans changed, should be able to make it without trouble, as long as no new misfortune occurs between now and then

There's a big weekend event coming up. December 14 at Games Lab from 10am.

We'll be playing in conjunction with Meetings With The Board and maybe some other groups.

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there.

Currently nothing planned that day.

The Dec 14 event keeps on growing and seems like it should be a nice big event with something for everyone who wants to come. So, please do!

WeeMadAndo wrote:

The Dec 14 event keeps on growing and seems like it should be a nice big event with something for everyone who wants to come. So, please do!

I worked out how to put a little castle as the icon for the event in my new calendar app. Seemed appropriate

I look forward to meeting everyone that can make it.

Would my 13yr old daughter be welcome?

I can't see why not. There'll be a good mix of games available. Should be a few things that we can avoid being terrible people around for a while at least.

Well then I think we are in.

Is this where we are going?

Yeah, they're in a brick building on Little Lonsdale between Elizabeth and Queen.

I'll be there, keen to see you GWJers!

Do we need to bring anything?

It seems like there'll be a few collections being brought along so unless there's something super obscure you have and want to play, I'd say not to worry.

Maybe start worrying if we'll all fit in there instead

Have fun tomorrow, Melbournites! I will be in Melbourne later this year, but from the 27th up 'til around the New Year, so I'll miss out. Blargh.

Having a ball

Planning next one for 4 January.

Get on it.

Does any game have more Monday morning quarterbacking than The Resistance/Avalon?

Every game has "I knew it" or "I was going to.."

It's hilarious.

And what was the podcast I need to look out for?

It was some of the 4th Player guys who were there today.

The next event will be:

Saturday 4 Jan, 10 - whenever, at Games Lab.

Hope to see you all there again and some new faces.