Fitness tracker that doesn't require internet access?

It's that time again.

Heading out for a bit and want a fitness tracker but I can't plug any devices into machines on the network, that means no uploading from devices to the net.

Anyone using any of the fitness trackers and can comment on how "usable" they'd be without uploading to websites?

I'll be able to connect to my personal laptop or phone but neither will connect to the great cloud in the sky.

I'm considering the fitbit one and flex.

Any insights appreciated.


Judging by about a week and a half with a Fitbit One, Fitbits are designed around the assumption that you're going to regularly upload data to their servers.

That said, after an initial online login when you first set the thing up, it'll work just fine for showing information for what you've done lately (the counters automatically reset at midnight). But the Windows/Mac software doesn't have any provision for looking at historical data or goal-related information; it just syncs the activity tracker to Fitbit's servers.

I haven't tried the mobile app because my phone is a little too old to support the right Bluetooth version, so I have no idea whether it keeps data locally or just gets it from the Web.

The Flex will sync with iPhone 4S and up and iPad w/ retina display (3rd gen?) and up. It also supports some Android devices. Do you have a cell phone you can install the app on? Looking at your post, does your phone have it's data plan disabled and it's for calls only?

The Flex will hold a charge for about 4-5 days and I don't believe you need to sync daily in order to not lose your progress. It does want to phone home to Fitbit's site in order to collect the data. Also, the desktop piece is the sync software and that's all it does.

I know android and IOS have a number of apps that track walking, exercise, calories that don't have cloud support. I can't recall the names of the ones I used but they were near the top rated apps and free. If I remember I'll report back.

For Fitbits there is a wireless dongle that plugs into a USB port (there is also a USB charger). This is how it keeps its data current throughout the day (when you're within 30ft it will update). This is also how you will know it is dying, Fitbit sends you emails when it is low on power but if you charge it every night because you don't care about its sleeping mode (which isn't that great IMO) you'd be fine there.

However without the wireless dongle attached to a USB port on a machine with net access I am not sure how you would get the data to Fitbit's servers.

If you can wait a few days between updates when you are home with net access that would work but then you're not really getting the data to know you need to be more active that day or not other than the window that the glowing dots give you. (which can be a range of 2000 steps or higher depending on if you adjust the daily target).
Keep in mind, Fitbits are worn on your arm, my wife is a PE teacher and had to up her daily 'steps' to 15K to get 10000 steps for regular people. On weekends she doesn't come close to this number but she knows why. Also each of her dots (1-5) on the Fitbit is a range of 3K steps. The Flex+ has a digital step counter (and a clock!) for $30 more it may be worth it since you may not be able to update during the day. For the record I can't plug anything in at work either and our fitbits sync to the same wifi dongle at home and neither my wife nor I have issues. But your OP made it sound like you will never be able to upload.

Ezy, u are correct, i wont be able upload more than once every five to six weeks.

I can plug the device into my personall pc but that machine wont be on the net except in those time frames.

Poking around the Fitbit website, I found this: wrote:

We recommend syncing your data regularly. As long as Flex has battery power, it tracks the most recent seven days of detailed, minute-by-minute data. It also tracks your daily total for the past 30 days and summarizes your daily calories, distance, and steps taken.


As long as the One™ has minimum battery power, it tracks up to seven days of detailed, minute-by-minute data. For the preceding 23 days, it summarizes your daily calories, distance, floors climbed, and steps taken.

And from the testing department: I realized that while my iPhone isn't Fitbit-compatible, my iPad is. So I installed the mobile app, and can now confirm that it doesn't do anything without an Internet connection.

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