Krev vs cancer

Thanks for the update. Your attitude continues to be an inspiration.

Best of luck, krev.


krev wrote:

Keep well folks, enjoy all.the.moments.

What sound advice. You do the same, krev. All my best vibes are still coming your way.


peacensunshine wrote:

Your attitude continues to be an inspiration.


Here's to a very speedy recovery to whatever procedure they decide.

Sorry to be a filthy skimmer, read about half of the posts but gotta get to bed. Krev, your attitude is amazing and inspiring, keep it up! It sounds like you have done great.

Just out of curiosity, you have a grade 3 glioma I take it, not grade 4? Anaplastic astrocytoma and not glioblastoma?

I'm a medical oncologist and run a cancer research program in the states. We've been very involved in immunotherapy studies the past couple of years. The most promising has been a class of drugs called PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors. The effectiveness correlates pretty highly with the expression of the target, PD-L1, in the tumor tissues. It turns out that brain tumors have about the highest incidence of PD-L1 expression of just about any cancer tested to date. We are very, very excited about this treatment because unlike chemotherapy, it has had virtually no side effects and the cancers so far don't seem to be able to develop resistance to them. Very unlike chemotherapy. I mainly do lung cancer research but we should see some studies launching for brain tumors soon. In one of the studies we are participating in, they have seen some reportedly striking responses in glioblastomas (the most bitchy of all brain tumors) although I don't personally do brain cancer research. I will tell you that for lung cancer (another particularly bitchy cancer) we are seeing things that I've never seen before. I'm starting to wonder if this is the beginning of a cure.

Not saying you should go looking for a clinical trial right now but just a word of encouragement that there's great hope for the future. I saw a new lung cancer patient today, widely metastatic, and he asked me how much time he had. I started quoting him the usual statistics, then stopped and said "you know, I honestly don't know any more."

So maybe someday, if that MRI is looking pretty bad, your oncologist will be able to say "no big deal, just gotta rev the immune system up a little".

But keep on fighting. You gotta be around to get the cure when we find it.

Keep walking tall, Krev.

Docjoe: It was anaplastic Oligoastrocytoma of troubling size (link to original mri). The cell pathology was kind of borderline grade 2/3 but due to the size they treated me as if it was higher.

Docjoe, thank you, that's a particular comfort due to the recent loss of my cousin to metastatic lung cancer.

krev82 wrote:

hopefully just a small hole in the skull.


Good luck!

Surgery it is, we're hoping to do it Friday. It's far less drastic this time so all going well I should be back home Saturday or Sunday.

Once pathology comes back we'll know whether it's necessary or worth doing another round of chemo.

Best of luck to you and your doctors. We'll be thinking of you.

Hope it goes well krev!

Good luck!

Good luck!

Triple good luck, dude!

Adding to the pile of positive vibes. You got this beat!

Keep on truckin', Krev!

Thinking good thoughts, Krev!

Wishing you all the best Krev!!!

Good luck, Krev. Kick some cancer ass!

Good luck! Will be thinking about you on Friday, with LOTS of good thoughts!!!

Sending all the best vibes!!

Best of luck, I'll be joining in the good vibes for you.

*hugs* I can recommend some good hats Remember, mock cancer early and often. Laughter is truly one of the best medicines.


Best of British, Krev.

Best of luck to you Krev.

Fingers crossed that nothing more than surgery is needed, and that the surgery goes well.

I'm renewing my good vibes. Will be thinking of you and yours until we hear more. Good wishes, all around.