Arma 3 Catch All

I'm always down for ArmA

Not gonna make it tonight.
But, I will be around tomorrow night if anyone's up for it.

Looks like Arma has its own launcher now - not sure if it's able to actually recognize and launch our mods the way PLayWithSix or Arma3Sync does, but it -did- let me add the mod folders under the mods menu, so I'm hopeful.

It's not the solution to keeping mods up to date, although steam workshop may be that solution which requires content creators to be on board, but it works well for launching.

It's been functioning well for me since January or so.

So, I just put in some time with Tactical Battlefield yesterday. It harkens back to Project Reality for BF2. Good stuff, and would be interesting to get the goodjers in a squad. Nice tactical PVP play.

I was so used to launching Arma with Arma3Sync that I didn't even notice the built in launcher until i accidentally started Arma when trying to start Minecraft. Which is to say, it's probably been around for a while but it's new to me, dammit!

Hey... So we kinda pulled off of arma a few weeks back to enjoy the GTA V sheen... Are we good to start this back up on Thursday, or would Wednesday work better again for us?

Needs me some ARMA, and the Patrol Ops thing we've been doing on the ad hoc games is pretty fun.

Need MOAR!

I'll be around this Thursday, which ends up being a better day for me overall. But if Wednesday will get a larger turnout I'll make it work when I can.

At the risk of jinxing looks like I will have a gaming window tonight around 5:00pm Pacific time. I feel the need to shoot things in the head from a long ways away.

Believe it or not, I may be in tonight.

Whether or not the game works anymore will be another question.

Looks like the CBA mod [Community Based Addons] updated today to RC7.
I'm going to update the server with this new version so I'd recommend everyone else update as well. It's a small update, so should be quick and painless. You can grab it from HERE.
You'll need this version to log onto the server, since CBA is required by several other mods.

Ooh ooh pick me!

Event set for 5:30pm on our Steam Group, but can start anytime.

I've been playing a lot of other helicopter flight sims.
Some custom xplane.
Some DCS.

I'm a bit surprised by the advanced flight model.
It feels sluggish, like there is a long time between joystick movement and response.
I found a youtube video where a guy timed input to response with some kind of time delay.
The then showed a jet mod that had no delay.

Is it possible to mod the advanced flight model?

I saw that "Fred" who I assume is the maker of the dreamfoil mods for xplane, has made a mod for Take on Helicopters, that makes the control input better in that game. Given that they're similar platforms, I'm wondering if anyone had attempted mods to the advanced flight model.

I love it. I love that there is VRS, and the engine suffers load and drops RPM. I love that helo flying is a skill job with the AFM. I just wish I loved the feel of flying them.
I may have been playing too many realistic simulators. I went on a search for simulators that had been reviewed by real helo pilots (or so they claim on the internet). The xplane dreamfoil robinsone R22 had some convincing video, and Dyslexci's latest real life flight series of videos has allowed me to place a lot of faith in the Dreamfoil R22 simulation.

Anyone hear of Arma3 AFM mods?

Tanoa Island reveal trailer:

I think this'll be what we need to revitalize Arma 3.

Daily deal for the Marksman, Helicopter and Kart DLCs. Only 30% off each individually, but that is going to be as good as it gets.

I just noticed that if you pick up the Arma3 DLC pack (which includes all three DLCs) it costs $17.50, regular cost for each individually is about $34, so it is almost 50% via the pack. Sold.

So... Nobody up for arma tonight? Would be nice to play a bit. Seeings how we have the server and all....

I'm always down for Arma.

I was thinking about picking this up before the sale ends. Usually play BF4, seems this is a bit more challenging. It it worth grabbing it for $23?

Most of the people in this thread have >100 hours in the game (566 for me personally), so I would say yes

It's much slower paced than BF4... until something happens...

I've updated the server to the latest version. Sorry if it screwed you guys up last week
I've given some other folks access to update the server if I'm not around, so hopefully this won't happen again.

H'ok, so...
The game server should be up-to-date and the work gods have shone upon me briefly enough to clear out a couple hours.
I've set up an event in our Steam group with a start time of 5:30pm Pacific [8:30pm Eastern].
We can run a Patrol Ops session or generate something with MCC. Makes no difference to me, I just want to get back to some ARMA action.
Meet up on the TS server and we'll figure it out.

Felt great to get back into the ARMA saddle again last night! Thanks to everyone who turned out. I know some folks were having to do a bunch of mod tinkering in order to connect. I hadn't realized some of the mods had updated, so sorry for the confusion.
I've gone through today and updated the server to the latest version of CBA - v1.1.23. I also updated the mod keys for Blastcore Phoenix [v1.2] and Blastcore Tracers [v1.0]. If you're running those mods locally you'll be able to use the latest versions and connect to the server. We're still sticking with MCC R9 rather than moving to anything more recent, so be sure you have the proper version of that installed as well.
All of the mods we run on the server [and the associated version numbers] are listed in the Mod Info section of the GWJ ARMA website. I try to keep that in sync with the server as a reference.
If anything updates between now and next Thursday, I'll post accordingly.

It's been months, but what is the ARMA Schedule? I've found work, so I might not be as regular, but it'd be fun to load up and play again.

We're slowly working our way back to a regular Thursday night meet-up -- if you count once as regular.
Check the GWJ Mod Info page to be sure you have the correct versions of all the necessary mods. I'm pretty sure everything's up-to-date with the latest releases, with the exception of MCC, which we rolled back to a previous version due to a bunch of general flakiness in more recent versions.
Planning to have another session this Thursday at 5:30 Pacific/8:30 Eastern.

In town this week! I'll see about hopping on Thursday night.

Also, Breaking Point has been getting some streamer attention from big DayZ and ArmaIII streamers lately. I've put some time into it and it really gives that DayZ mod vibe from ArmaII. In short, I'm really enjoying it. It has teaming features as well.

Battle Royale now available on Steam Workshop.

I hope the rest of the Arma mods go Steam Workshop too. I *hate* manual mod management, and it's a big reason I have not really dove into Arma MP.

Looks like a number of the mods from the GWJ list have made it to Workshop. CBA_A3 most importantly. I would really consider boiling down the mod list to stuff that is on Workshop to make the whole process a lot friendlier.

I'll need a reminder on how to download/use the mods.

How do we feel about Arma this week?

Xeknos wrote:

How do we feel about Arma this week?

I'm good for tonight or tomorrow.