Arma 3 Catch All

You can get build r9 here.
I haven't switched the server over yet, but I can do that whenever.
Let me know if you have any issues with the download.

ButtonMasher wrote:

You can get build r9 here.
I haven't switched the server over yet, but I can do that whenever.
Let me know if you have any issues with the download.

So are we switching to build r9 for tonight?

KEA_Lightning wrote:
ButtonMasher wrote:

You can get build r9 here.
I haven't switched the server over yet, but I can do that whenever.
Let me know if you have any issues with the download.

So are we switching to build r9 for tonight?

Yes. I'm going to switch the server over now, so everyone please have r9 loaded up rather than the more recent MCC builds we've used.
If you run into any issues, or have any questions about how to do this just let me know.

I will try to jump on tonite. See if I still get kicked every few minutes.

I may or may not be around tonight, unfortunately.

I am also unable to commit at the moment.... so maybe

Well, crap.
Throw my name onto the pile - I'm not going to make it tonight. :::grumble:::
Have to put out some work fires that just erupted.

ARMA3 on sale for $29.99 (50% off) on Steam.

Anyone up for a mission tonight? We'd be using MCC r9 again so see the link at the top of this page.

The 1.42 patch is apparently updating Steam Workshop integration, to support "big mods" and other mods that were unsupported based on various restrictions.

Hopefully this will mean that the manual mod install/management will cease to be a thing. That's kind of been a huge turn-off for me.

Before last night's mission we updated the 'NATO and Russian Spetsnaz' mod to version 1.8. We ran with the older MCC r9 but with only 4 people it was tough to tell if it made any difference. Xeknos got kicked once during the session and I had a buggy revive that left me with no uniform and a default rifle with no ammo. I'm looking to see if it's the revive script that is causing our issues and not MCC. If there's a new version of the script I may update that. This will be a server-side change, so you won't have to download anything new for this. I just have to regenerate all the starting maps on the server.
There's also a new update to MCC, so I'm thinking of rolling forward to that new version rather than staying on r9.
For now, I've updated the Mod List to include the NATO/Spetsnaz v1.8 but it's still on MCC r9. I'll update that if/when I make the change.

EDIT: Also, the Marksman DLC update will include weapon resting and working bipods by default, so that's one mod we'll be able to jettison. You won't have to buy the DLC to get that feature and the fewer mods we can run with the better, IMHO.

I got kicked a second time as we finished the match, and almost killed poor Nyxs as I was trying to land the helicopter back at base.

Are we set for a mission tonight?

I'm available fo-sho.

Oh yeah! It' on!
Gonna stick with MCC r9 just to keep things simple.
We did update to the more recent v1.8 of the NATO Spetsnaz weapon pack, so you might want to grab that ahead of time.
It's about 700MB.
Link is on the GWJ ARMA Mod page.

Marksman DLC released, along with the new platform update, including a big audio overhaul:

Also, we were talking about how we had a slightly better turnout on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. What do we think about moving back?

This also looks really cool, since I know we're starting to get bored of our current maps:

I've updated the server, so should be ready to go on Thursday.
This new update looks like we can scrap the VTS Weapon Resting mod we've been using. I don't suspect that mod has been causing any of the issues with disconnects and other weirdness, so I haven't disabled it on the server yet. You may still need to be running it in order to join the server. The built-in weapon resting happens automagically, so it shouldn't interfere with that.

In other news, it looks like the developer of MCC is backing away from that project as he feels much of what he was doing is now implemented in ARMA directly.
I still like the automatic mission creation part of MCC, so I'm going to look at ways to implement that without all the extra cruft that got added.

Also, Nyxs and I took another look at Patrol Ops. This was a similar sort of automatic mission generating system but without the level of control MCC offered. It was geared towards more large-scale, group play. There were a few issues with Patrol Ops, like having to assign specific roles for individuals in order to fly, be a gunner, drive a truck etc. But, there's an updated version and it looks like they may have addressed some of these issues. I'd also have to figure out how to remove the fatigue from the mission, but I think that might be possible. I'm going to do some investigating once I'm done with this business trip. Wish I didn't have to wait 2 weeks before trying out the new stuff.

Do we know if they ever fixed the frog man bug, or do you still respawn with 20 watches? Would really like to add some H2O in our missions. If for no other reason that to see if Motley drowns when you shoot his air tanks...

Anyone had a chance to try out the new DLC Marksman stuff yet? Interested how it works....

Do we need an update to the server as well now?

I ran an update on the server the other day. It should be current and ready to go, unless there's something in the new update that borks the mission files or isn't compatible with the mods we're still running. I'm going to dedicate some time once I'm home to re-evaluating the current state of ARMA and what mods we still need. Unfortunately, I won't be able to try any of the new stuff until I get back from this work trip in a week

Not buying it because 18 bucks is insane for a few new guns.

I did play the new showcase and the bipods, etc. are really well implemented.

Sign me up.


Man I missed playing this. Picked up the DLC pack and enjoyed two of the new Showcases -- both are great SP missions (marksmen and shooting from vehicles). The new sounds are pretty great, too, but I still find vehicles too quiet -- they shouldn't be able to sneak up on you. The new weapon resting and bipods are a welcome addition.

Quick question: Are any of you using the default launcher? I find, when using mods, it takes forever to launch the game. Without mods, it's fine. Anyone experienced the same?

I run default and several mods. I've noticed no extra load time. It is installed on my SSD so that may be a factor.

Thanks. It seems to be related to the blood mist mod. Once I remove that, the game started normally.

Just bought the DLCs. Might get off my butt, and get back to some shooty-shooty-boom-boom with y'all!

We should do some this weekend.... Maybe we can get Motley to whip us up a mission er sumpthin'

Are we on for tonight or... not?