521 of the best flash games. Big List!

I present a list of 521 of the best flash games to be found online. Say goodbye to your free time!

List originally from a long-running thread (http://forums.somethingawful.com/sho...) where people suggested their favourite flash games, so the list is in fairly random order.
If you know of other great flash games not in this list, link em here!

1. GDS
2. Third World Farmer
3. Nanaca Crash
4. Desktop Tower Defense and Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 and Desktop Tower Defense Pro
5. Onslaught and Onslaught 2
6. Boxhead: More Rooms
7. N
8. Kitten Sled Race
9. Japanese Wire Grappling Game
10. Bells
11. Tactics 100 Live
12. Line Game
13. Spiderman City Raid
14. The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2
15. Boomshine
16. Aggresive Alpine Skiing
17. Cat With a Bow
18. You Don't Know Jack
19. Fall Down
20. Endless Zombie Rampage
21. The Fight for Glorton
22. Kitten Cannon
23. TG Motocross
24. Fish Tycoon
25. Bloons and More Bloons
26. Curve Ball
27. Ant Buster
28. Potion Panic
29. Snowball
30. Grow Cube
31. Grow RPG
32. Artillery Live
33. Link to various games ball games at the bottom
34. pacXon
35. Endless War 3
36. Dice
37. Skyroads
38. Space Worms
39. Gamma Bros
40. Ayiti: The Cost of Life
41. Bowman 2
42. Streets of Fire
43. Imminent II
44. Japanese game Can't read Japanese
45. Combine bubbles - Japanese, link is broken?
46. Japanese shooter
47. Indian Outlaw
48. Dark Cut
49. Swab Job
50. Fishy
51. Knightfall: puzzle game where you need to rotate the screen to make your knight + massive drill fall onto monsters
52. Match Three game - dig for it
53. Artillery Live
54. Drakojan Skies 3 - "Amazing graphics"
55. Owata- "Because half of the fun is figuring out what the hell to do."
56. Retron - "Not that great, but the concept is fun."
57. Final Fortress
58. Jeu Chiant You're gonna LOVE this game.
59. Poulaga Challenge
60. Pandemic and Pandemic 2
61. Bee Dodger
62. Five Minutes
63. Cannon Bods
64. Motherload
65. Swords and Sandals and Swords and Sandals 2
66. Grow the Robot
67. Deal or No Deal
68. Hoshi Saga - the whole series
69. Indestructo Tank
70. Cosmic Bounce
71. Pretty Pretty Bang Bang
72. Moai - Nice music!
73. Bubble's Revenge
74. Champion Archer
75. Drag Racer v3 Download!
76. a game
77. Azul Baronis
78. Badaboing
79. Clack Clack 2
80. Toon Crisis
81. Dofus - Free flash MMO.
82. Dwarf Complete
83. Flash Circle TD
84. tron game
85. Xeno Tactic
86. Thing Thing Arena 2
87. Momentum Missile Mayhem
88. Skies of War
89. Stair Fall
90. Vector TD
91. Flute Hero - Danish
92. Defend Your castle
93. Invader 360
94. Don't Shoot the Puppy - Really, don't.
95. 3D Pong
96. Identity
97. Fungus
98. 3D Logic and 3D Logic 2
99. Beat Bubbles
100. Arrow Tag
101. Red White Yellow
102. Sea of Fire
103. Bowmanster Prelude
104. Shield Defense
105. Hexiom
106. Dolphin Olympics 2
107. Pillage the Village
108. Anti-TD
109. The Handy Man
110. Doomland
111. Spaced Penguin
112. Avalanche
113. Gravity Pods
114. Fancy Pants Adventure and Fancy Pants 2
115. Bloxorz
116. Platform
117. Grow Island
118. Throw Me
119. Shuffle
120. Grow Cube
121. Jelly Blocks
122. Blueprint
123. Portal
124: Bloons Tower Defense and Bloons Tower Defense Two
125: Three
126. Need for Madness
127. Master of Time and Space
128. Orbitron
129. Bot Arena 3
130. 9 Ball Connect
131. Age of War
132. Virus 3 Hex
133. Phit
134. The Impossible Quiz 1 and The Impossible Quiz 2
135. The Mind Bender
136. Gimme Friction Baby
137. Orbox B
138. Hexxagon and proximity
139. Jetman - Facebook app
140. SFCave
141. Guest House
142. Sprite Smash
143. Funny Farm which leads to here
144. Armor Picross 2
145. Free Rider 2
146. another picross
147. parapluesch - "This is a very sweet game wherein you psychoanalyze mistreated stuffed animals."
148. Random "Random, game where you have to develop life on an island. Different things happen depending on what order you add each skill."
149. Feudalism
150. ElectroCity
151. Monster's Den and Monster's Den 2 Book of Dread
152. Mad Mutually Assured Destruction
153. Seven Noble Kinsmen
154. Ouverture Facile
155. Speck Oppression
156. Icescape
157. The Caverns of Hammerfest
158. Mmeoww
159. Powder Game
160. Cursor 10 <- awesome concept
161. Pyro Sand 2
162. Roshambo Run
163. Quest for the Crown <- best game ever!
164. Areas
165. Caravaneer
166. Star Shine
167. Red
168. The Chase
169. Off-Road Velociraptor Safari - needs to install Unity Player
170. Tim Tang
171. Shift and Shift 2 and Shift 3 and Shift 4
172. Zombie Grinder 60000
173. Warthog Launch
174. Reflections
175. Filler
176. Combat Heaven
177. some Japanese shooter game
178. Jetspeed
179. Attak
180. Grid 16
181. Rainbow Sphere
182. Ownage Burst
183. Retris
184. Alien Paroxism
185. Lazer Beamz
186. Spin the Black Cirlce
187. Taxi Driver
188. Canyon Defense
189. Gateway
190. Drunken Masters
191. Kavalmaja
192. Hapland Hapland 2 and Hapland 3
193. Kinetikz
194. BoomsticK
195. Magic Pen
196. The World's Hardest Game
197. Rollercoaster Creator
198. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
199. Frets On Fire - Not flash.
200. Dino Run
201. Insaniquarium
202. Music Bounce
203. Chronotron
204. Virtual NES
205. Bomb Chain Unlimited
206. Karoshi
207. Space Hopper
208. Dirk Valentine
209. Strip Pilsner
210. Ballon Invasion
211. Warlord: Call to Arms
212. Brute Wars
213. First Light
214. Doeo
215. Music Catch
216. Planet Defender
217. Moss and Moss 2
218. Epsilon
220. Sittin' at a Bar
221. Ginormo
222. Infect. Evolve. Repeat
223. 5 Differences and 6 Differences
224. Robokill
225. Cursor Attack 3
226. Puzzle Farter
227. Ragdoll Cannon and Ragdoll Cannon 2
228. Nano War
229. Building Houses
230. The Lost Mind of Dr Brain
231. Hedeghog Launch
232. A Walk In the Park
233. Dogfight
234. Bounty Killers
235. Sunny - from Orisinal!
236. Addicting
237. Gemcraft
238. Capoiera Fighting 2
239. Flow
240. Totem Destroyer
241. AstroFlyer
242. Protector, Protector II, and Protector III
243. Cursor Invisible
244. Bounce
245. Final Conquest -Risk-like
246. Dominate - Risk-like
247. Another Epilepsy Game
248. DUI
249. Fantastic Contraption - alternate link
250. Corpse Craft
251. Amorphous+
252. Short Siege
253. Launchball
254. The CCL Winter Game
255. Bubble Tanks 2 and tech tree
256. Ultimate Rally Challenge
257. Blokus
258. Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD ROBOTS - not a flash game
259. Final Ninja
260. Coign of vantage
261. Now Boarding
262. Catchment Detox
263. Star Rebellion
264. Aqua Bots
265. Never End
266. Karoshi Factory
267. Too Many Ninjas
268. Bounceroid 2000
269. 13 Days in Hell
270. Aether
271. Mud and Blood 2: A unique "sandbox" game where you take control of a small squad of WWII soldiers in a small, realtime battlefield.
272. Battalion Nemesis
273. The Missile Game 3D HS
274. Alter Ego
275. Addiction
276. Color Infection
278. Get a Key
279. Gem Tower Defense
280. light-Bot
281. Maverick
282. Imperium
283. Loops of Zen
284. Microbe Kombat
285. Sheep Reaction Game
286. Shape Invasion
287. Stormwinds 1.5
288. Gravity
289. Ether War
290. The C Word - NWS, NMS!
291. Kung Fu Election
292. Paintball Smash - need Shockwave
293. Samorost 1 and 2
294. Vector Tower Defense 2
295. Survive the Outbreak
296. Survive the Outbreak - NWS
297. Commando 2
298. Funky Ball
299. Karoshi:Suicide Salaryman
300. Music Euphoria
301. Mastermind: World Conquerer I hope you brought a condom.
302. Find Waldo ...again
303. Meat Boy and Meat Boy Map-pack
304. Block with Letters On help me!
305. Warfare: 1917
306. Straw Hat Samurai
307. Air Battle
308. Orchestrated Death
309. Crunchdown
310. Explomaniac
311. Graviroids
312. Dog Fight 2
313. Booty Juggler
314. Hunted Forever
315. Dad' N ME
316. Suicide Kittens
317. Curveball - another curveball
318. Gateway II
319. Seconds of Madness
320. Factory Balls and Factory Balls 2
321. Storm the House 3
322. Coconut Run
323. Seppukuties
324. Splitter
325. Crazy Go Nuts
326. Spacerunner
327. QWOP
328. Magical Kicks
329. Wooden Path
330. Incredibots
331. Mirror's Edge 2D Beta
332. Dark Cut 3
333. Cricket
334. Zilch
335. Discarded Online Beta
336. 99 Bricks
337. Super Stacker
338. Guitar Geek
339. Buggle Stars
340. Auditorium
341. Beat Beat Revolution
342. Jam Legend
343. Flash Element Tower Defense 2
344. Super Obama World
345. Text Twist
346. Pinch Hitter 2
347. Pongout
348. Damn Birds
349. Boombot and Boombot 2 and Boombot World
350. Grey Matter
351. Sonny and Sonny 2
352. Hands of War
353. Red Code
354. Zoo Keeper 2
355. World Wars
356. Jam Legend and thread
357. Eternal Red
358. The Majesty of Colors
359. The Marriage
360. Stars Over Half Moon Bay
361. Passage
362. Jetpack Brontosaurus
363. Raptor Safari
364. Minotaur China Shop
365. Daymare Town and Daymare Town 2
366. Destroy All Zombies
367. Mel Gibson Drunk Driving
368. Fishing Girl
369. Meeblings
370. Achievement Unlocked
371. Ownage
372. Invasion Tactical Defense
373. Stick Arena
374. Left 4k Dead
375. CDX
376. Sonny 2
377. Basho Kioku
378. Fat Cat
379. Redesigning Breakout
380. Warbears
381. The Codex of Alchemical Engineering (Recommend checking out Jayisgames for help playing)
382. Cursor*10
383. Frantic
384. Fancy Pants 2
385. 99 Bricks
386. Fantastic Contraption
387. Gravity
388. Fly Guy
389. Andrew The Droid
390. Brawler Whirled
391. Battle Gear
392. Escapa!
393. Blockular
394. More Blocks With Letters On
395. Evacuation
396. 3-D Logic 2
397. Doom (Yes, that Doom -- in Flash)
398. Sin Mark
399. Corpse Craft
400. Jailbait (Guess if a girl is underage or not)
401. Nuclear Eagle
402. Assembler
403. Bubble Spinner (Mixed emotions: Some ragequit and some like it)
404. Scriball
405. Now Boarding (First episode is free. You have to pay to get more)
406. Grow Tower (Grow 2)
407. Closure
408. Inquisitive Dave
409. Electric Box
410. Bars of Black and White
411. Super Stacker 2
412. Perfect Balance
413. The Code of Alchemical Engineering (Magnum Opus Challenge Edition)
414. Mushroom Revolution
415. Sneeze
416. Totem Destroyer 2
417. Notessimo
418. Ice Breaker (Free the Vikings and send them on their way. Really fun game)
419. Flash Cat
420. Pixel Pop
421. Chain of Fire
422. Mastermind
423. Auditorium
424. Notpron
425. Breaking the Tower (Java based game)
426. The Space Game
427. Eyeball (You eyeball judge geometry)
428. Ice Breaker (Different from the Viking game of the same name.)
429. Atomik Kaos
430. Don't sh*t Your Pants (Text based timed game)
431. Boomba
432. Bunny Invasion 2
433. Incredibots
434. Dino Wars
435. Quake Live (Quake Deathmatch in your Browser)
436. Threesome (No, not like that)
437. Stripper Massacre (Shoot Strippers. Pretty dumb) :nws:
438. Magic Pen 2 (You should play Magic Pen first before playing this.)
439. Don't Look Back "A classic platformer with a gloomy, dark climate."
440: Bible Fight (The forum for this game is just as fun)
441. The Glassworks
442. Music Catch 2
443. In The Doghouse
444. 50 Comedies (Figure out 50 comedy movies hidden in a picture)
445. Death vs. Monstars
446. Brick Yard
447. Tilt
448. Tetoris (Massive version of Tetris.)
449. Perfect Balance 2
450. Hobnox (Not so much a game as an audio tool via Flash).
451. Ice Breaker: The Red Clan
452. Death Dice Overdose
453. Ski Runner
454. GlueFO 2.0
455. Host Master and the Conquest of Humor
456. Apocalypse
457. Crazy Go Nuts
458. Hungry Space
459. Frontline Defense
460. Dogfight 2
461. Mario World: Overrun
462. Rustyard
463. Civiballs
464. Seed of Destruction
465. Foxy Fyre
466. Ultimate Tactics: an isometric turn-based tactics game inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics
467. Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar (Pretty awesome side scrolling shooter)
468. Death Vegas
469. Amateur Surgeon
470. Orbital Decay
471. Globe Trotter
472. Mr. Mullet
473. Schizophrenzy
474. KDice (Multiplayer online Dice Wars)
475. Hero's Arms
476. Scary Girl
477. Tam's Tower Challenge (Game Show Type Game)
478. Final Ninja Zero
479. Shopping Cart Hero
480. Collider
481. Good night Mr. Snoozleberg
482. Mutiny
483. Gemcraft: Chapter 0 (Goodbye free time)
484. Card Toss (Toss cards into a hat)
485. Clusterz (Makes you watch ad before playing. Game much like Bubble Spinner. You will ragequit.)
486. Frontline Defense: First Assault (Tower Defense Game.)
487. Canyon Defense (Tower Defense Game)
488. Effing Hail (Create bigger and bigger hail to destroy sh*t)
489. Power Up
490. Z-Rox
491. Blurst This one is sort of like bust a move, but with more creative challenges and adorable physics/animation.
492. Funky Pool Very well done Java based Pool/Billiards game.
493. Where's An Egg. :wtf: Strange Russian game. See Hip-Hoptimus Rhyme's post for help.
494. Scopa "the game of choice for two quarrelsome & gossipy old men with nothing to do of an afternoon except hunch over a table playing cards."
495. Avalancher. Protect Eskimo from avalanches.
496. Squares and Blades - a funky turn based tactics game set on a chessboard-like map.
497. Talesworth Arena: Death Watch - very cool strategic arena game.
498. Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled - an unusual mix of RTS base building & tower defense.
499. Mytheria - a card game in the style of Magic: The Gathering; quite good but the 'campaign' battles are a bit uninspiring (not enough deck variety)
500. Pyro - It's a decent physics puzzler (though why fire bounces is never explained)
501. Crush The Castle Throw sh*t at castles with a trebuchet. Not terribly difficult, but good for killing some time.
502. Castle Clout - Return of the King. Similar to Crush The Castle
503. Bubble Trouble A whole lot of balls bouncing around and you gotta shoot them with a grappling hook to pop them. Gets pretty difficult, very addicting.
504: Escape The Red Giant Bounce between asteroids and rack up huge combos. Really fun game.
505. Meowcenaries. LOLCats shooter
506. Spewer. vomit platformer
507. B29 Assault Top down shooter with interesting abilities and power-ups.
508. Hanna in a Choppa
509. Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy It plays similarly to escape velocity, and has multiplayer!
510. Miracle Witch and the Sorcerer's Pebble Top down Zelda-esque adventure game
511. Hex Empire Dice Wars type game with a bit less chance.
512. Kung-Fu Flash version of NES classic.
513. Cargo Bridge a bridge-building simulation with cartoony graphics, reminiscent of PC classic Bridge Builder.
514. The Necronomicon a strategic card game in the vein of Magic: The Gathering, except with a Lovecraftian Cthulhu twist that sets it apart. You have to be careful not to go insane
515. Robo Riot an engaging puzzle game where you need to draw a square who's four corners are all the same type of robot.
516. Smacky Beat up friendly squirrels.
517. Flakboy Do as much damage to a ragdoll as you can with strategic placement of guns, mines, and spikes
518. A Small Favor You're an alien bounty hunter who has to kill a senator
519. Super Karoshi The latest installment in the suicide-based sidescrolling platformer
520. Learn To Fly. Get a penguin to fly. Much like the game where you launch a hedgehog into space
521. Escape From Scientology Part 1 Top down Zelda type game.

I love flash games for the low investment on so many levels. They're free. They're quick to learn. They're quick to start playing. And most of them you can finish in a limited number of settings. I can have finished a level of gemcraft chapter 0 (if I'm lucky), in the same time it would take me to start playing TF2. That said, a lot of these are great games which you can sink days into.

They quality is also striking. A lot of these are better than second gen console games. I'm not sure any of them are better than the best genesis or NES games, but they're better than average, especially on the strategy front.

Couple new ones:
Tower of Greed an amazingly addictive arcade game where you need to collect loot from the tower without getting too greedy
Tarnation a simple but captivating action/puzzler where you need to stop different coloured balls of tar from contaminating your water supply
Morningstar Futuristic point n click adventure with slick graphics. Check out the intro

Nanaca Crash is even better when you know it's based on a Hentai.

Not that I know that.

I'd never know that.

Great list. So far not all the games are great in themselves, but it's been a while since I've spent time with Flash games (something I used to use as my predominant gaming).

Played Hex Empire-- deep, frustrating but enjoyable. Am I the only one here playing Flash games?

demonbox wrote:

Played Hex Empire-- deep, frustrating but enjoyable. Am I the only one here playing Flash games?

Nay, sir. Nay.

What? No Star Baron?! Inconceivable!

LobsterMobster wrote:

Nanaca Crash is even better when you know it's based on a Hentai.

Not that I know that.

I'd never know that.

Why did I have to come into this thread only to learn from lobster that a silly game I competed with a roommate in college over and I have on my harddrive in a .swf file was based on hentai?

You weren't kidding when you said the order was random. Game #1 could be a real turn off... if I was a filthy skimmer.

You get what you pay for with this list.

Some more great ones:

Crunchball 3000: a fast-paced futuristic sports game that will surely remind you of Amiga classic Speedball 2.

Armor Wars: an excellent tactical turn-based card game set in a fantasy universe.

Heavy Weapons: a slick all-action shooter set in small levels with a top-down perspective.

Irongut wrote:

You weren't kidding when you said the order was random. Game #1 could be a real turn off... if I was a filthy skimmer.

You get what you pay for with this list.

Well, after trying 5 random ones, I may not bother with the 516 others, even though I know nanaca crash is pretty fun despites its roots.

I am a frequent visitor of www.onemorelevel.com

They have the majority of these games and they separate them into categories for easier searching.

Polygonal Fury is a great game.

Double post

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that Stick Cricket hasn't been mentioned.

Overhauled as usual for the Ashes tests. Definitely one of the best sporting flash games out there.

I love the game of cricket and I have the EA Sports cricket game so really miffed that Stick Cricket is not on the list. Also happy that there is the snooker game in the list.

I think everyone should try this one, it's a bit like animal crossing and incredibly polished & fun: Bunni: how we first met

This game is really fun and addicting! You move a little meter maid car around and ticket people. www.mindopener.net/tickettime/play.p...

Wow this thread is spamalicious.

I saw Knightfall listed, which is awesome. The sequel is finished and is about 376% better (clocked).


I don't think it's on Kongregate, yet. If you like puzzle/RPG hybrids, this is a nearly perfect game.

Spiderman City Raid is a knock-off of Ninja Ropes. That is all.

Thanks for bringing this list back up - nice to have something to check for short distractions!

My favourite game wasn't listed

Ultimate Crab Battle!

Routine after work on Friday: listen to conference call, play flash game, decompress. This list will keep me busy for the next 10 years.

Talk about an interesting necro...

It's going to take me a while to check all of these out...

Some great games on this list. Thanks for the resurrection.

Oh my god, this has been written on June 3rd, 2009 and still get comments! Perhaps the guys are still on game #400 - I got you from google anyway. It's a great list. Thanks.

Bookmarking for future timewasting!

The good thing is most of links are still working!