Pro Wrestling Catch-all

One of my first ever wrestling memories is Pro Wrestling on the NES. I still think back on it fondly. The only other wrestling games I'd go to bat for are the Fire Pro Wrestling franchise, and WWF No Mercy on the N64. I should hook up the old N64!

JeremyK wrote:

I've definitely enjoyed Smackdown more than Raw since the brand split.

I've been enjoying Smackdown more than Raw as well. Seems to be the consensus and I really like watching AJ Styles wrestle. That Festival of Friendship segment on Raw last week was too funny though.

Yeah, I catch clips of Raw that seemed to get good reactions but try and watch all of Smackdown.

Okay so the end of last night's Smackdown was rather confusing. I get that Wyatt's got some supernatural shtick thing, and his speech is very "Southern Preacher Man". He's powered by EEEEVILLLLL or something. I remember commercials in the late 90's or early 00's about The Undertaker coming back from the dead or something so supernatural ain't nothin' new for WWE.

But who is sister Abigail, what was that shack, and how did burning it down allow Randy Orton to depower Wyatt or whatnot?

Much of this stuff is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory but that whole thing just seemed weird.

I couldn't make it to the event last night, I had a class I couldn't miss, so gave my tickets to a friend. I'll have to ask him if it made any more sense actually being there.

So they gave Goldberg the title and now we get another snoozer of a championship match between two part timers at wrestle mania. :/

Thankfully we still have Smackdown.

So the main event at Wrestlemania is Lesner v. Goldberg for the strap?

Can we get Stone Cold to ref?

Going to Smackdown for my first live WWE event. Of course it ends up being the night they gutted Smackdown for the Raw roster.

I think you are going to see a bunch of RAW superstars moved to Smackdown.

Man, I never need to watch Raw again. About the only act left I dig there is the Revival.

It was fun. You don't realize how loud it really gets when you're watching on tv.

Got my tickets for NXT Live in Minnesota for 7/29. I'm excited, got main floor, row 7 seats.

And now I have tickets for TLC in October, lower level 20 rows up, but think I am more excited about NXT live....

The NXT shows do look like a lot of fun. I would love to go next time they are around. I love how chaotic and intense small shows are.

So far NXT Live has been amazing! So different and higher energy than regular wwe events.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3.

OMG so good.

I fully expect it to be head and shoulders above Summerslam tomorrow night.

So, how is WWE celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the Montreal Screw Job today?

20 years?! I remember this as if it were yesterday.

I was gutted to see Bret depart the company. Screw job or otherwise. Worse still was seeing WCW fail to comprehend how to use Bret Hart, and off the back of the "screw job" to boot. Morons. To be fair! The mini fued with Ric Flair was good. It should have went further.