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Oh yeah I had forgotten about that League.
I believe that our own Ahrezmendi is playing for team Google.

Quarter-Final Results:
CLG vs Curse


CLG wins 2-0



AAA wins 2-1


Semifinals tomorrow will be:


CLG vs M5
AAA vs Dignitas

Well this is interesting, though not entirely unexpected

Yeah, not too unexpected. It will be interesting to see if Reginald starts playing better now that TRM is gone, because they did not play well together.

If I was EG I would move Westrice to top lane and steal/recruit Aphromoo from v8 for AD carry. Aphro and Nhat are good friends and already play a lot together. It would make a nice bottom lane for EG.

Dyrus and Reggie playing together won the WCG championship last year. Might be interesting. Of course, there were a couple other good players on that team, like Saint Vicious.

I'm imagining how completely pointless it'll be for Reggie to yell at Dyrus. TheOddOne and Dyrus are an interesting combo, though - where did I see the quote from TOO about Dyrus accidentally streaming a conversation about the upcoming announcement?

Ahh, it was in the comments on a Reddit post: "This is why Dyrus gets keylogged. HE'S STUPID. SO f*ckING STUPID[x3]."

TheOddOne cracks me up. He's a mad scientist.

I'm having a ton of fun watching the AHGL as it seems more real to me.

AHGL Week 9 - Google vs Microsoft

Looks like Dan Dinh got benched on EG, so now they're looking for 2 new players. It also sounds like they're trying to be more competitive but Westrice is the only one talking from EG right now.

So there's a big OGN tournament going on in Korea currently and the production quality is just awesome. LoL has only been out in Korea for a couple months. Though the increased quality can be expected as pro gaming in Korea is a WAY bigger deal than it is pretty much anywhere else. The casters probably both make a lot more and are trained a lot more than the casters we're used to. It's just been neat to watch, for the few games I've caught.

Probably the best western competitive League production is with the IGN stuff at the moment and this OGN is probably at a level double that.

Another funny bit is that the players aren't allowed to curse when they are playing. They all have microphones hooked up to the production team so they can bring in the team's chat to the show. Apparently if they curse they lose a ban for an upcoming match.

They are currently streaming CLG (who is living in Korea for this tourney) vs NeL

edit: wow and they get their VODs up within 10 minutes of a match being over.

I only watched the NEL vs. CLG final, but that looks very similar to the GOM studios they use for the GSL Starcraft 2 league. The two casters (Moletrap and Torch) are some of the code A casters that are used for the GSL. They aren't the cream of the crop, but they are pretty good. I wasn't aware that they knew LoL well enough to cast it. They did a pretty good job. The production quality was indeed very high.

It's easy to overlook the difference good casters make on the whole experience, but it really is substantial. That has been the biggest barrier to watching LoL consistently for me. I'm used to casting from Artosis, Tasteless, Day9, and DJWheat, and a few other upper level Starcraft 2 commentators. That isn't really a fair comparison, as most of these guys have been doing this stuff since the Broodwar days, but it is what it is.

Day 1 starting now with CLG vs AAA (30 minutes late, of course)

Stream is 480p but you can pay $5 for the HD settings. I would probably pay the $5 for the HD if I trusted the stream to not crash/stutter/lag/explode/ect

edit: oh good the casters keep shouting and their mics keep cracking. Nothing like watching a game with bleeding ears.

Sound was better by the time I showed up (no cracking/stuttering), in game 2, but the volume is really low compared to their commercials.

[spoiler]aAa looked pretty good in Game 2 against CLG until they tried to split push Udyr while CLG was pushing straight up the middle of the map. Udyr should have come back a lot earlier, unless aAa just thought they were dead after getting aced a little earlier, and they needed to make a miracle happen.

There is some sort of K-pop musical show in between the games.
I have no idea what is going on but I cant take my eyes off it.

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

There is some sort of K-pop musical show in between the games.
I have no idea what is going on but I cant take my eyes off it.

Welcome to Korea!

Wow, TSM vs v8 Game 2 was quite good.


TSM comes back from a pretty disastrous early game. Don't often see comebacks like that in LoL.

Oh man, TSM vs V8 game 2

TSM vs. V8 2nd game - worth watching.

[spoiler]Thought TSM was too far out of it, but they did a great job of being patient, picking good spots to fight (except one Dyrus "I'm going in!" while the rest of the team was out of position), and held on for the win.

Haha, Dyrus after a long rambling answer..."Umm, what did you ask me?"

That Chaox bait on the final teamfight was amazing. Cleanse + QSS so strong.

Lol, and "Do you have any sponsors you want to thank?" "Ummm, you're going to have to ask Reginald about that, I'm new to the team."

138k LoL viewers vs. 54k SC2 viewers. Kinda follows my own play habits. I got into eSports through SC2, but I spend a lot more time watching and playing LoL now. I really enjoy SC2 too (had both streams up at work, two computers), but I'll pick LoL first, SC2 second most of the time.

We've got Scarra playing Soraka mid in the next Dignitas vs. MM game.

Holy comebacks Batman.


Dignitas playing so poorly early game and just BARELY winning team fights to claw their way back in. Nice work but they have to get their ass in gear with CLG and TSM playing well right now.

That dig v. MM game was nuts.

Koz wrote:

Holy comebacks Batman.


Dignitas playing so poorly early game and just BARELY winning team fights to claw their way back in. Nice work but they have to get their ass in gear with CLG and TSM playing well right now.


TSM had to fight their way back from a deficit in their second game too. Lots of good competition so far.

Quarter Final Results
CLG vs aAa



Epik vs Curse



Dignitas vs Mono ESports



TSM vs v8



edit: also, the dyrus interview, equally fantastic power pillow too op

Please stop saying "Awesome" after every question Voyboy answers in an interview.

"How do you feel after that win?"


"Awesome. What does your next series look like?"

"Going to be tough, but if we stick together..."


Looks like Dignitas is going to use their gimmick comp until someone stops it or bans it. Reminds me of the Shyvana invade M5 team from IEM Kiev.

I like it, innovation makes these games interesting. I like the idea that while other teams were trying to perfect old comps Dig was trying and testing new ones.

I'm surprised that we aren't seeing pretty much any KogMaw bans through this though.
He's been just tearing up competitive games lately.

Yeah, it's an interesting comp, but if you ban or pick Soraka then they can't run it. I'm amazed they've been allowed to play the same comp 3 (4?) games in a row. Ridiculous. The same thing happened in Kiev: M5 ran Shyvana every game and no one ever banned her because every team was dumb/stubborn/arrogant enough to think they could stop that comp.