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Sao Paolo IEM tournament is supposed to be Or maybe it's over. Or maybe it's not even today. The ESL website is terrible about letting you know what's actually happening right now.

And, of course, as soon as I post that, I find a link. No English, though. Hmm. I'll post the English stream if I find it.

I fear for the future existence of TSM
Dyrus going for the pentakill

Speaking of Dyrus I wish EG would get serious again. I'm not sure if they're waiting for people to get out of school or what, but they could be a serious contender with some practice. It helps that all five of their players are likable and they're a pretty rage- and drama-free group in general.

Stuff to check out:

IPL Killing Spree tonight, TSM vs Curse. 5pm PST
The Killing Spree casts have been pretty well produced thus far; however, the matches have been fairly bland. TSM and Curse will be playing group stage matches in Hanover for the IEM finals so this could be a good match to check out. Guest commentator Chauster.

IPL4 Online Qualifier.
The round of 32 will be going on for the rest of the week. It's possible some of the matches for it may pop up on some streams. Next Saturday, the 18th, the round of 16 begins at 9am PST. There will likely be top teams Streaming this and some matches will be casted. The week after that will be the Ro8, semi-finals, and finals. Some of those matches will be casted. More info when that actually goes down...

Also this going on right now:

Sorry, I would have posted earlier but GWJ is soooooo slow today :\

Killing Spree is going live now. Fun to hear Chauster's opinions, he's pretty definitive comparing champ picks. He was ribbing Chaox a little because Chaox picked MF bot against Graves - against M5, Chaox laughed when MF was picked against him, and he got chewed up. Now Chauster says there's a thread on the TSM forums where Chaox is calling MF OP. Opinions change

Had to switch over to Own3D, IPL stream had pretty big hiccups for me.


Holy crap, game one was a blowout. Chauster called it - said Rumble totally counters GP top lane, and Rainman was in trouble. Totally true. OddOne died a couple times trying keep GP from dying. Pretty big Curse blowout.

Picking champs for game 2 now.

I think Rain Man may not last much longer on TSM. He's consistently the weak link and he always insists that whatever champ he wants to play will win the lane, and then he gets crapped on more often than not.

Gotta be a little weird to have Dyrus sitting right there in the room with them, ready to play a solid top lane any time they need him. Regi won WCG with Dyrus playing top lane on his team.

Better bench Elementz.

Rumble doesn't exactly counter GP in lane but he certainly is stronger. Especially when you build ninja tabi on GP and then try to 1v1 Rumble...

SotL Travis doing a minishow with Team Curse

TSM vs CLG on now in the Curse invitational tourney
Winner of this will play winner of EG vs Dignitas.



CLG wins 2-0 TSM was just really off today, did nothing in the games at all

EG vs Dig next, I'm not sure if the finals are today are tomorrow


TSM always fails against CLG. TRM was pretty good for once, but Regi was bad, and I don't get Chaox's infatuation with MF. She never seems to work against good teams once laning phase is over but Chaox chooses her over and over again. Also, how do you not ban Shen? No one has enough practice against him yet, you have to ban him (if you don't have first pick) based purely on that.


Disappointing performance by EG, especially from Dan Dinh. He cost his team that second game with his horrendous initiate. I've been watching him play Warwick a bunch lately, and he's just not very good at him (yet). Watching him play Warwick and someone like Bob playing Warwick is night and day. It's too bad because I thought EG was the more skilled team in the teamfights, but they were just too far behind in farm.

BTW, it looks like the finals are tonight, as in right now.


I expect a pretty easy 2-0 win for CLG.



Nice second game for Dignitas after getting so incredibly outplayed in Game 1.


dignitas takes the series 2-1 and will be playing Curse in the finals in San Fran at some point

IEM world finals at Hanover scheduling:

March 6th

(~04:10EST / 03:10CST / 02:10MST / 01:10PST) Stream match will be played one after another.
CLG vs Dignitas

WorldElite vs ALTERNATE ATTAX | fnaticRaidCall vs Millenium

(~6:30EST / 5:30CST / 4:30MST / 3:30PST)
World Elite vs Millenium | fnaticRaidCall vs CounterLogicGaming

(~9:00EST / 8:00 CST / 7:00MST / 6:00PST)
(NON-LEAGUE OF LEGENDS GAMES Take up this block of time games listed below start only after these are finished.)
fnaticRaidCall vs ALTERNATEATTAX and Dignitas vs Millenium

(~10:30EST / 9:30CST / 8:30MST / 7:30PST)
CounterLogicGaming vs WorldElite

Best match of --> | fnaticRaidCall vs CounterLogicGaming
WorldElite vs Dignitas
(The way I assume this will work is that at the event someone in charge will decide which game is most important to the outcome of the group stage and pick that game to show on the primary LoL stream)

Day 1 ends at (13:00EST / 12:00CST / 11:00MST / 10:00PST)

March 7th

(~04:10EST / 03:10CST / 02:10MST / 01:10PST) Stream match will be played one after another.
TeamSoloMid vs CurseGaming

Moscow5 vs EHOME | SK.Gaming vs Sypher

(~6:30EST / 5:30CST / 4:30MST / 3:30PST)

SK.Gaming vs EHOME | TeamSoloMid vs Sypher
Moscow5 vs CurseGaming

TeamSoloMid vs Moscow5 | SK.Gaming vs CurseGaming
Sypher vs EHOME

(~9:00EST / 8:00 CST / 7:00MST / 6:00PST)
(NON-LEAGUE OF LEGENDS GAMES Take up this block of time games listed below start only after these are finished.)
TeamSoloMid vs EHOME | Sypher vs CurseGaming

(~10:30EST / 9:30CST / 8:30MST / 7:30PST)
SK.Gaming vs Moscow5

Best match of --> | TeamSoloMid vs SK.Gaming
Moscow5 vs Sypher
CurseGaming vs EHOME

Day 2 ends at (13:00EST / 12:00CST / 11:00MST / 10:00PST)

March 8th

(~04:10EST / 03:10CST / 02:10MST / 01:10PST)
Quarterfinal #1

(~07:15EST / 06:15CST / 05:15MST / 04:15PST)
Quarterfinal #2

(~10:30EST / 09:30CST / 08:30MST / 07:30PST)
EPS Germany LoL AlternateAttax vs Acer

Day 3 ends at (13:00EST / 12:00CST / 11:00MST / 10:00PST)

March 9th

(~04:10EST / 03:10CST / 02:10MST / 01:10PST)
Semifinal #1

(~07:00EST / 06:00CST / 05:00MST / 04:00PST)
Semifinal #2

(~10:00EST / 09:00CST / 08:00MST / 07:00PST)
Game for 3rd Place

Day 4 ends at (13:00EST / 12:00CST / 11:00MST / 10:00PST)

March 10th

(~9:45EST / 08:45CST / 07:45MST / 06:45PST)
League of Legends Grand Finals

Followed by the Winners Ceremony

Day 5 ends at (13:00EST / 12:00CST / 11:00MST / 10:00PST)

Bleh, all during the week. Hopefully they will have VODs.

Military time. Doh. I was about to make a post about strange tournament times.

Where's the best place to watch? ESL's site? Twitch? I always have trouble finding what's currently being broadcast and where to watch it. ESL's site is confusing, and I end up coming here, or going to Reddit, to find a link to the streams.

This is the official stream:
Each day there will likely be a live update thread on reddit which are pretty handy.
Here's the one for Group A:

I wont be doing a lot of updates here due to work but I may make a catch all at the end of the tourney, unless somebody else wants to do it.

Hurray! I get to watch Fnatic vs CLG before work.
These picks are fantastic, this should be great.

Fnatic: Nocturn, Vlad, Talon, Ezreal, Janna
CLG: Mundo, Ahri, Irelia, Caitlyn, Galio


Irelia and Ahri swap with Irelia mid vs Talon and Ahri top vs Vlad.
First blood for CLG on Talon mid by Mundo and Irelia. About 30 seconds later another kill on Talon from Mundo and Irelia.
Fnatic ganks bottom and kills Caitlyn while Mundo is top. They pick up a free dragon after.
CLG starts dragon, gets it halfway down and then leaves when Fnatic starts to converge giving Fnatic another free dragon.
Fnatic kills 2 top and takes the tower, gaining the gold advantage.
3rd free dragon for Fnatic.

I'm really liking the playstyle from Fnatic here. Basically they just keep waiting for CLG to make plays and making counterplays to those, then getting kills or objectives.

And WAMBAM, right as I say that, CLG engages on Fnatic as Fnatic is pushing down mid and pick up 4 kills for 0 deaths. They then get an easy baron and kill the last Fnatic play. That's a HUGE boost for CLG.

Fnatic can't hold back baron buff CLG and CLG get mid tower + inhibitor

CLG starts baron right as it respawns, Fnatic come into to contest and CLG get another 4 kills for 0 deaths. They run straight to Fnatic's base and end the game.

And for the teams that are moving on to the quarterfinals from Group A


CLG, Dignitas, Against All Authority.
Interestingly, AAA is actually didn't qualify for this event but instead is here replacing World Elite. I guess they proved themselves in this group.

According to the interview after the match, Fnatic picked Talon to counter Galio. CLG second picked Galio so Fnatic assumed that he would be their midlane pick. CLG instead played Galio as bot lane support. This really shows the power of having a champion that can play multiple roles.

I managed to catch that last game from work too. I really thought Fnatic was going to pull that out until that terrible 4 kill turn around. They were getting some good ganks off and got every single dragon.

Wouldn't it have been worth it for Vlad and Talon to just run down the river and switch lanes at the very start of the game? They would have lost maybe 5 or 6 cs and had much better lane matchups, especially for Talon.

Dignitas vs. CLG had a strange bottom lane. Doublelift was supporting on Blitzcrank, and Chauster was getting CS on Alistar.

I found some VOD's of Group A on Youtube if you're stuck at work.

sithload wrote:

Dignitas vs. CLG had a strange bottom lane. Doublelift was supporting on Blitzcrank, and Chauster was getting CS on Alistar.

AKA Blitzstar. It used to be a pretty common pair back in the early days before the support + AD meta set in.

I liked CLG's general comp idea, with Blitzstar plus Urgot for some insane pulls and CC, but Dignitas had a great counter comp (whether intentional or not). Corki, Shyvana and Nidalee all have escapes and Janna ult pretty much hard counters a lot of CC champs. Morde was the only one without an escape and he got beat up pretty good in the lane phase. But in the end CLG just didn't have the damage even when they got perfect pulls.

I'm enjoying seeing some unconventional strategies so far, I hope the teams keep it up.

Group B results


1st: M5
2nd: SK
3rd: Curse

Quarter finals tomorrow will be


CLG vs Curse


TSM full herp derping it again. They need to change something because they're not very good right now. Nice to see M5 play well because everyone hates them and it's always good to have a villain.

Microsoft wipes up Amazon in the After Hours Gaming League. It ended up being 4 kills (Amazon) against Microsoft's 44 kills.