Nidhogg Catch-All

As anticipated, Nidhogg is a great game. Some of the best sword play I've ever experienced outside of maybe Chivalry.

Here's a video:

So yeah. I personally think this game is awesome, and I think it deserves all the attention it's getting. Also, there is a competitive scene that seems pretty strong. The game is technically very deep, and the fighting game community seems to be rallying behind it as a contender for a showcase game for e-sports.

Sorry about the "e-sports"...

Maybe I should add that this is a local multiplayer / online multiplayer sword fighting "simulation." It's essentially a stick plus two buttons to control, but out of that they've crafted a very satisfying combat system.

Check. This. Game. Out. (If you like swords)

I played it a bunch years ago at GDC, and purchased day 1 as a result of that experience. Unfortunately the years of time taken before releasing hasn't really shown through. The controller support is disappointingly thin (why u no map d-pad?), some of the menus are a complete disaster from a UI perspective (invite a friend), and the tutorial was completely broken.

Fortunately the core game that I loved is still in there, and I expect most of the issues will be ironed out eventually (maybe already have been since I last tried a few days past launch). Ultimately it will be one of the first games to be pulled out at any local multiplayer gathering I am hosting.

Send me an invite if you're ever up for a match. I quite like this game.