Game Lending Match-All

I thought it would be useful to have a thread to manage lending/borrowing games that is separate from the Pass it on, or Trading Post threads.

I've created a table below of games that folks have said they are willing to lend.

If you are willing to lend games to people, just post which games and platforms, and I'll update the OP. If you want to borrow one, check which ones are available, and send a PM to the owner of the game. If the game is currently lent out, PM the owner, and post here so I can add you to the "Next Up" list. As the lender, post to let me know when you have shipped a game out, and when you get it back. If a borrower is sending it to the Next Up Borrower, instead of back to the owner, then the Next Up Borrower should post here when they receive it.

[td]GWJ Handle[/td]
[td]Currently lent to[/td]
[td]Next up[/td]

[tr][td]?[/td][td]Dishonored[/td][td]Slumberland[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]?[/td][td]Rainbow 6 Vegas[/td][td]ChrisLTD[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]?[/td][td]Saint's Row IV[/td][td]Slumberland[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]3DS[/td][td]Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]3DS[/td][td]Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td]soonerjudd[/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]3DS[/td][td]Super Mario 3D Land[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td]ChrisLTD[/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]DS[/td][td]Trauma Center[/td][td]ChrisLTD[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Bulletstorm[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Demon's Souls[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Dragon Age 2[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Enslaved[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter[/td][td]ChrisLTD[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Lolipop Chainsaw[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Portal 2[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Ratchet and Clank Future: Crack in Time[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Saint's Row IV[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Sly Collection[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Sly Collection[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]The Fight[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Two Worlds II[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]Uncharted 3[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Playstation 3[/td][td]WarHawk[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Wii U[/td][td]Lego City Undercover[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Wii U[/td][td]New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td]Non-Goodjer[/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Wii U[/td][td]Splinter Cell Blacklist[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Wii[/td][td]Last Story[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Wii[/td][td]Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td]ChrisLTD[/td][td]Slumberland[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Wii[/td][td]Metroid: Other M[/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Wii[/td][td]Wario Land Shake It![/td][td]Garden Ninja[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Bioshock[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Dark Siders 2[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Gears of War 2[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Gears of War 3[/td][td]ChrisLTD[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Gears of War 3[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Halo 4[/td][td]Kurrelgyre[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Halo Reach[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Just Cause[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Lost Oddysey[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Star Trek Legacy[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Xbox 360[/td][td]Viva Pinata 2[/td][td]Sku Boi[/td][td] [/td][td] [/td][/tr]


Tagging to remember to fill it in when I get home.

Great idea. I'm happy to lend games out to GWJers. I'll add stuff to the spreadsheet later.

I've added my games to the spreadsheet. I purged a bunch of stuff a while back, and let the ex take the Xbox, so there isn't a ton on there...

How does the lending work logistically? I'd like to borrow Super Mario 3D Land

How I've done it, is ship it to the person, and they either ship it back to, or to the next person in the list when they are done.

Edit to say: PM me your address and I'll try to send it off this weekend.

Signed up for Luigi's Mansion when Dyni's done with it. Thanks GN! I'll be adding my own games when I get home and sort through.

ChrisLTD wrote:

How does the lending work logistically? I'd like to borrow Super Mario 3D Land :-)

I put Mario in the mail this evening. Should be there early next week.

Tagging to add my collection.

As a goober it took me forever to update, but I have done it!

I really hope this thread takes off!

Now that I have money for mailing things, I'll get my games listed.

Added Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 for PS3 to the lending pool

Got SRIV back from Sku Boi so I relisted that, and also put Max Payne 3 (PS3) up for lending as well.

If I can get over my fear of losing games from my meticulously curated collection, I'll post my stuff on the spreadsheet this evening.

Edit: I'll post some of my stuff, anyway. All my PS2 games and older are currently in a box in storage while I get moved, but I can post my PS3 games.

Added a spare copy of Halo 4.

I added Splinter Cell Blacklist and Zombi U, both for Wii U, as I just picked up both digitally.

We need to start this up again with next gen consoles!

Balthezor wrote:

We need to start this up again with next gen consoles!

There's certainly no reason it wouldn't work for all games.

Please feel free to add you games to the spreadsheet, or request one you'd like to borrow.

I think the big issue is that this thread doesn't get a lot of traffic, which means it's easy to miss when there is an update unless you have it favorited. Also, it hasn't so far really been about discussion. The posts have been pretty much "I added such and such game". If you can think of a better way to give this thread more presence, I'm all ears.

... also I updated the spreadsheet.

Garden Ninja wrote:

... also I updated the spreadsheet.

And messed it up. Pretty sure I ended up sorting one column so the rows got messed up, and the games are listed with the wrong platforms. I fixed the issue the led to the bad sorting (autofilter was enabled for only one column for some reason), and corrected the data that I could, but if you all could verify your games are listed with the right platform, I'd appreciate it.

Updated my stuff. I also did some editing on titles that are known platform exclusives.

Listing everything in the spreadsheet meant that this thread was never getting updated. I updated the OP and put the information there directly. Please let me know if you have any feedback on the format.


I sent Luigi's mansion to soonerjudd several months ago. I think I just forgot to update the spreadsheet.

I still need to add what I have to the list, but also wanted to point out that Darksiders 2 is free for the rest of the month on Games with Gold.

Dyni wrote:

I sent Luigi's mansion to soonerjudd several months ago. I think I just forgot to update the spreadsheet.


Updated OP because I sold some of my games.

Garden Ninja wrote:
Dyni wrote:

I sent Luigi's mansion to soonerjudd several months ago. I think I just forgot to update the spreadsheet.


This reminds me... I need to either get back to playing or send it back... Great game, I just don't do much handheld gaming these days.