Which mechanical keyboard should i buy?

That looks good. Friend at work had a red dragon brand. Although some other anonymous co worker complained about the noise and he had to remove it. Back in like Sept 2019, pre pandemic.

I have a Corsair at home and love it for both work and gaming.

If you had a keyboard in the late 80s or early 90s you had a mechanical keyboard. And then companies got cheap and there were just crap keyboards for like a decade that failed all the time. Thankfully some sensible companies gave us an option again.

I have a Redragon mechanical (different model), and it's fine. TBH, the main reason I got it is because I don't have much room on my desk, and I needed a 60% so I could have more than four inches of space for my mouse. I'm sorry if this sounds like sacrilege, but I think a quality membrane keyboard is good enough for most people and uses. I have to admit the mechanicals tend to be way more aesthetically pleasing, though.

The loudness and "clicky-ness" of a mechanical is going to depend on what color of switch you decide to go with. I have reds, and they make no noise unless I'm mashing down on the keys.

I have two Redragons both with brown switches. One at home (Devarajas), and one at work (Vata). Bought the one for work because I hated their Dell keyboards and I have to type a lot. With the same switches and an aluminum deck in both, the two Redragons feel the same.

The key caps they come with are chintzy and make them a bit louder. I've replaced the ones at home. Plan on doing the same at work.

Vrikk wrote:

I've never had a real mechanical keyboard, but a friend of mine has the above one. I tried it out. It feels ok? I didn't notice a huge difference in the keys besides them being louder and "clacky". Maybe I literally don't get the point of a mechanical keyboard, or I've never used a good one to have that epiphany.

It's one of those things that's subtle when you're not familiar with it, then after you've typed with mechanicals for a while and use a membrane keyboard again, you find it disgusting and unsatisfying.