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ranalin wrote:

Wish they showed the dance segments

That Borderlands trailer...


CUSTOMS FRONTLINE | Official International Teaser |

Yikes, that looks terrible. Not surprising I guess that HK really hasn't done anything memorable in cinema since China took over.

thought it was a new one and not the same with a different splash screen

ranalin wrote:

Just watched this earlier. Was like... Is this a Robert Eggers movie until the end? Yessssssssss. Give me more Robert Eggers projects.

I am so there. Eggers + Dafoe = gold.

ruhk wrote:
ranalin wrote:

So I read this book a couple years ago and while it was good, I don’t really think it was “needs a tv adaptation” good. I liked it but it’s a pretty standard and predictable multiverse story. Crouch has better novels that could be adapted.

This actually turned out to be pretty good- it had been long enough since I read the novel that I had forgotten about the part of the story towards the end that sets it apart from other multiverse properties.

Here - Official Trailer


Looks like Farley posted that one earlier.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man | Official Teaser
*I know the first two Hellboy movies were rather cheesy but this just looks like standard horror flick.

That looks fairly low budget and not good.

No Ron Perlman, no interest.

Wow, that looks dull.