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So I'm guessing that at the end of The Fall Guy he decides to become a bounty hunter?

He just moonlights as one

But he gets a cool truck


farley3k wrote:

I remember very fondly the original with Richard Chamberlain. It will be hard to top that

Sadly, it is currently not available for streaming anywhere.

Maybe the rights holders are keeping it offline to clear some runway for the new series. It should be on Paramount+!

My parents were weird... they didn't allow me to watch the show, but they allowed me to read the books.

I hope the star Gosling is sent to save is played by Gosling's stunt double.

farley3k wrote:

I remember very fondly the original with Richard Chamberlain. It will be hard to top that

^ this

How many movies are there now where Godzilla is "introduced" for the first time? Seems like quite a lot. He has more origin movies than Spider-man and Batman combined.

ranalin wrote:

I want to like David Leitch movies, but I rarely do*.

*Unless he's co-director with Chad Stahelski.

The Family Plan — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Well that looks boring. They were really trying to go for a dark, serious tone which is not what I want from Ghostbusters.

Nothing with Patton Oswalt, Paul Rudd, Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray can be taking itself too seriously.

But clearly this is a GOT crossover thing.

And James Acaster, bizarrely.

I'm just happy McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard are back!

I think that Ghostbusters is fun. I haven’t seen anything Ghostbusters since Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy.

It looks fine but really the cartoon was perfect and complete. Just do a different story if you want but there is no need to remake perfection.

Avatar: The Last Airbender | Official Teaser

I will never fully enjoy the animated Last Airbender, because I really don't like the style of animation it used. Not a general complaint, just my taste. So the fact that other adaptations are available means that I might have a chance to enjoy the characters and story.

Yeah, I'll watch it, but I think it'll be, like, 80% as good as the cartoon at best. I think they'd have to make unacceptably large changes to the story to make it work in a different context. Momo and Appa look OK from the trailer, but they're tough things to pull off in live action.

Good aesthetic, but so whitewashed.

That's kinda sad. I remember one of the things that really struck me about that book was the non-Western style of it. I read an interview with the translator in which they said they worked very hard to preserve the original flavor and cultural touchstones.

Could be Youtube compression, or my monitor, but the woman proclaiming it "indistinguishable from reality," only for Samwell to jump into what looked like a composite shot was very funny.

Looking like another remake of Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven/Battle Beyond the Stars. Which, well, if you're going to steal plots, steal from the best.

Oh great. I've waited 34 years to see that in 4K (okay, maybe not that long, but as long as 4K TVs have existed ). And it's one night only. The night of my heart surgery.