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What Happens Later.

ranalin wrote:

Saltburn trailer

From the Oscar-winning (best screenplay) writer-director of Promising Young Woman, her feature film debut. She was also the showrunner for season 2 of Killing Eve.

If you haven't seen Promising Young Woman, you need to get on that, pronto.

Saltburn? Are they all elves, or some other kind of fey creature?

Interest is piqued.

I thought it might've been a sequel to Brightburn. I was disappointed.

The Boy and The Heron.

Starring James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Jodie Comer who is a goddamn chameleon of an actor. What a cast!

ranalin wrote:

Yeah I really kinda can’t wait to see it.

Totally Killer | Official Trailer

SWEET! More Flanagan!!!

"Let's Poe the sh*t out of this." - Flanagan, perhaps

Good to see Mark Hamill in more non SW stuff!

That is the most Yorgos Lanthimos trailer ever.

It looks...fine. The story looks incredibly generic - villian from first film comes back to kill his foe, etc. Still it might be fun.

Interesting that there is barely a frame showing Amber Heard (I think).

At first glance, I thought that was Joe Biden. I'm sure that will please Kelsey Grammer.

I’m calling it now for The Hunger Games prequel: