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ranalin wrote:

Ha! Totally watching the hell out of that. Great concept.

Wayfarer wrote:

I know it's cheesy and very much a product of the 80's, but Willow remains one of my favorite films to this day. I thought upon seeing the image that this was a reboot and it surprised me how immediately negative I felt about it. Decided to watch the trailer and give it a fair shot after calming down, and realizing it's NOT a reboot... well, I got goosebumps and I am just hoping that the end product has a bit more of the lighthearted side than the trailer showed but otherwise I am super, super stoked for this. What a pleasant surprise!

New trailers:

Prey looks like just what the franchise needs. I hope it's awesome.

They both look great to me.

ranalin wrote:

took me a while to realise that wasn't Amber Heard, and let's not go there.

Just not sure about it. I am willing to watch it but it seems like it wants to walk the line between him being a villian and being a hero which often doesn't work.

I imagine the "Heroes don't kill!" bit would have hit harder if people hadn't been calling it "the murderverse" for years by now.

They have called him an "antihero" in interviews and stuff. About all I know about the character is that he was often an antagonist in the Shazam comics.

DC's movies are so all over the place it is really hard for me to get excited for them. Is this another Wonder Woman or a Suicide Squad or a Green Lantern? Actually just got around to watching The Batman over the weekend and it was fine I guess. I am personally more burned out on Batman than I am on any other superhero so that might have something to do with my feelings on it.

Persuasion starring Dakota Johnson | Official Trailer | Netflix

Saw the title on Rottentomatoes and smirked then watched the trailer and it looks really good

MY DONKEY, MY LOVER & I | Official UK Trailer

Well that looks wonderful.

This looks utterly screwed up.

yikes that trailer gave me goosebumps

Feels like a 1989 Batman spinoff

If you see this video smile you die in seven days?