Trailer Catch All

I am disappointed they didn't


go with the Star Trek rule for evil dopplegangers from different universes.

THE BATMAN - The Bat and The Cat Trailer

ranalin wrote:

The Uncharted movie looks awful. As in, 'in almost every conceivable' way.

Does anyone know how long it took for the Fonz' shark jumping to become Hollywood vernacular?
Because I'm ready to call any bad movie a SPEM (Sony Picture Entertainment Movie)

The moustache really says it all.

Cavill's CGI no-'stache in Justice League was better.

But they did make fun of it so maybe it played for laughs.

Looks like a fun movie to me.

2021 Movie Trailer Mashup

Still looks dumb but it could be the fun kind of dumb and I am ok with that.

UNCHARTED Exclusive Scene - Plane Fight

farley3k wrote:

This however just looks dumb without the fun.

Moonfall's New Trailer Features Global Destruction, Utter Nonsense, and Free Bagels

I dunno, anything that's less apocalyptic than the world we're currently living in gets a thumbs up from me!

New The Batman trailer but with Jim Carrey as the Riddler.


Well, I'm down for that.

Redband trailer for The Legend of Vox Machina. NSFW

ranalin wrote:

I was just wondering what Ti West was up to these days. I really loved House of the Devil...but this reminds me of Rob Zombie's stuff that always makes me feel like I need a shower afterwards.

Ah, Ti West - king of the slow-burn horror. Love his stuff. Excited to see how this turns out. His first movie in almost 10 years, by the look of it.

Hard to tell but that could be cool...