Trailer Catch All

Grenn wrote:

I wonder if the Dune trailer had any influence on this?

I am so glad that is coming out on AppleTV+ so I will never be tempted to watch it and get angry about stuff that does not really mean anything but that I would still get angry about.

Grenn wrote:

I wonder if the Dune trailer had any influence on this?

Well, it could have done with more Pink Floyd and fewer Inception parps. This all looks like Forward the Foundation type stuff and not actual Foundation stuff to me. I guess if you've landed Jared Harris you use him as much as possible. I haven't felt the need to reread Asimov for decades (whilst he was a pioneer his stuff really doesn't hold up for me, even if I don't think about the Man With a Thousand Hands stuff), but I don't doubt that it's possible to make a good TV series out of Foundation. Whether this is it I don't know.

That looked far more interesting than I expected.

So, who's doing the voice over in Val? It sure sounds like Kilmer, but the content suggests that it isn't Kilmer.

I want to know if The Island of Dr. Moreau will be discussed at all.

polq37 wrote:

So, who's doing the voice over in Val? It sure sounds like Kilmer, but the content suggests that it isn't Kilmer.

The narrator is his son Jack Kilmer.

Deadpool and Korg (voiced by Taika Waititi) watch the Free Guy trailer.

Love him, always funny. Probably funnier than the movie will be.

Matt and Ben, back together in a... historical fiction?

I'm very much down for a new Ridley Scott historical epic

I couldn't place her... it's Villanelle from Killing Eve.

Wow, there is a lot going on there.

Yeah, not sure that piqued my interest, but i'll be checking out reviews for sure.

So it's got some elements from what, Aliens?, The Cell, Insidious...anyone spot any other "homages"? Normally I love Neil Blompkamp, but I'm not sure about this one.

Official trailer is out.

I liked the teaser a lot more.
there's a bit of banter in the trailer that tingled my spider-sense.


I'm not against witty banter between characters in a movie, I'm not going to say that the banter went against the tone of a movie I haven't seen, it just ... raised my eyebrow?

A funny line in the trailer delivery by Momoa is very "on brand" for him.
a second a funny line in a trailer, now from Brolin

I'm overthinking stuff

Eeee. I was a lot more excited about this movie before watching the trailer.

I was willing to give Chalamet and Zendaya a chance. I don't have anything against Chalamet and I thought maybe Zendaya could pull it off. But both of them seem miscast.

The bigger issue though was that the dialog was cringy.

Visuals sure were gorgeous though.

Maybe it's an unrepresentative trailer with dialog from outside the film? Sometimes film studios do that to deceive audiences into coming to more challenging movies.

Probably not though. I thought that Bladerunner 2049 was basically ruined by having Ryan Gosling in the lead role. I have real doubts about Villanueve's casting choices.

Zendaya is barely in this movie. She does the opening dialog like Princess Irulan did for Lynch's version and primarily the dream sequences which we've seen the bulk of already it seems.

The more I see the more I'm convinced that Chalamet is a perfect casting choice.

In regards to the 'funny' lines there would be long overwrought discussions about how too dark the movie is if there wasn't moments of levity and from a story perspective both are well placed and fits the story.

As long as Leto Atreides doesn't turn to Duncan Idaho and say, "Well that just happened" I'm still holding steady.

Paul Atreides is hard to cast. On one hand, he's supposed to be this kind of introspective, passive guy without a whole lot of killer instinct. On the other hand, he's the apex product of a centuries long breeding program who has been training for hours a day with the galaxy's best ninja warriors since birth.

Chalamet has the right face and bone structure, but it doesn't look like he's got the right physicality or energy for the role.

Zendaya, for me, has always had anti-charisma. I was hoping she would transcend that and turn in a great performance. She physically looks like she could be a good Chani. But, the trailer didn't leave me feeling any better about her.

Edit: Zendaya has chipmunk cheeks. Chani should look more like that Afghan woman from the famous National Geographic cover.

I liked the Dune trailer.

This was the only film on WB's list that I was interested in the most going over to HBO Max, because there's no way in hell I can stay in a theater seat through an entire Dune movie, let alone one directed by Denis Villneuve base on the length of Blade Runner 2049.