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Venom - Teaser trailer. Lives up to the teaser part since we never see Venom

I mean, I'm all on board for Tom Hardy in a movie. I like him in a lot of stuff. But... I get the same feeling from that as I did the Justice League trailers. "C'mon everyone! Get hyped!" Only...


Hey, if the VFX aren't done, at least act out what Venom does with action figures.

Rat Boy wrote:

Hey, if the VFX aren't done, at least act out what Venom does with action figures.

That's... brilliant. Deadpool 3 needs to do this.

*I am not sure where they got all these - for example the Pacific Rim 2 trailer has a lot of stuff I don't recall from trailers I have seen but I am not complaining. It is a fun set of trailers.

Rat Boy wrote:

Hey, if the VFX aren't done, at least act out what Venom does with action figures.

If any superhero movie ever did that for a trailer, I would see it opening night and I haven’t gone to a superhero movie since Batman Begins. And, I hate opening nights.

Um... did I miss where this got posted?

It was linked because it's NSFW. Now my puppy is scarred for life. Thanks so much.

Linked? You expect me to follow links on the internet?

((Yeah, I missed it. I'm guessing NSFW on language? Should I delete/spoiler it?))

Too late. My puppy is already a delinquent.

(I don't think it's all that nsfw to be honest)

I linked for NSFW for language because, not everyone has their headphones in at work, and well its Deadpool...

Oh I'm checking out this one this weekend. At night. In the dark.

Hard Sun... from the creator of... Luther? I am so there.

Anyone who hasn't watched Luther yet, what the hell are you doing reading the rest of this message go watch it immediately!

Rampage trailer #2

"Batman Ninja" trailer (English language)
*This seems like a no-brainer but I was left feeling...meh.

I was coming to post that Batman Ninja trailer. The juxtaposition of anime and Batman is a little weird and uncomfortable in spots, but, I dunno, I think it's a very interesting lens to look through at an American myth.

Don't like the Joker's English voice, but god, the art is amazing. And I liked it better than the pure Japanese version, which was REALLY odd-feeling. The Japanese anime voice style is a real bad fit for this universe. I both loved it and hated it that way, and I'm much more positive with the English dub.

This one, on the other hand, looks entirely fantastic:

The original is one of my all-time favorite animated shows, and that's looking like a worthy sequel.

That gave me all of the warm fuzzies.

Math is math!

I have to say, I'm really looking forward to how terrible that movie is going to be.

Did you like the Purple Man? Because...


She's telling the truth, isn't she? sh*t.

Why the hell is that not available in my country? It's a trailer, for goodness sake!

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