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Hard pass on more war movies. Especially right now.

ranalin wrote:

All over this one. I was absolutely amazed what these guys and others like them accomplished in the early days before Camp Rhino.

Godzilla Battles Spaceships and Giant Robots In the Latest Monster Planet Trailer

NSFW - Red band trailer, so there's some cussing.

I noticed the thumbnail before I read the title and thought for a second this was for the Harley Quinn movie.

Pottersville Official Trailer

farley3k wrote:

Pottersville Official Trailer

Why is it all about muggles?

Saving Capitalism | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

"Anything to Declare?" Clip - Disney/Pixar's Coco

Game Night seemed meh. Most of the punchilnes in the trailer felt their comedic timing was off.
The jokes weren't bad, just... fell flat.

Am I alone in this?

And just in case you thought 2017 wasn't bad enough already...

Apparently, Tetris isn't next.


you know, ...I think I'll stick with the killer donuts. D:

Grenn wrote:

Apparently, Tetris isn't next.

I am 100,000,000% fine with this.

pyxistyx wrote:

Obviously a sequel...

tanstaafl wrote:
pyxistyx wrote:

Obviously a sequel...

pyxistyx wrote:

I am way seeing this.

This is certainly a teaser trailer. Nothing is shown of the plot, quite honestly you know little to nothing more than you did before you watched it.

Deadpool 2

i have a feeling that when I watch that I'll actually know LESS than I did before watching it.

I like how Deadpool on a genetic level is allowed to have fun with its marketing.

Also, that shot of Negasonic Teenage Warhead flipping the bird is perfect.

A Wrinkle in Time Official US Trailer

A Wrinkle in Time may be interesting, but I just can't with Oprah's makeup.

Special Agent Negan

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Special Agent Negan

Shut up your mouth.

Pretty sure it's not reflective, but I really hated seeing Wrinkle in Time given the standard issue Blockbuster Bombast treatment, right on down to the Inception Bwams.

Having never read the original work (I presume, based on people talking about it) A Wrinkle in Time just seems to be a YA novel made into a movie with more diverse cast and lead than is normal.