Happy Hump Day Survey!

Finishing the main campaign of X-Wing without dying once was probably the highlight of my career as a space jockey. (Though I did have to replay many missions due to failing objectives a whole ton.) I did manage to nail the Death Star in my first go, which felt pretty awesome, and surely helped the galaxy a whole ton.


It'd have to be the Marathon achievement in Trials HD or Daredevil in Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, though the latter is random, and mostly luck-based.

Most challenging I haven't completed is any speedrun or time trial beyond chapter 2 in Mirror's Edge. I'll come back to it someday, but where I powered through the ones above, ME made me ragequit.

Beating the intro level to The Guardian Legend on the NES when I was in 3rd grade not long after it came out, and then finally beating the game in 2010 after failing many times, including while using an emulator and loading save states right before the final boss. I beat it on a physical cart, without any cheats.

Scoring my 100th point on Desert Bus.


I have never played Desert Bus.

My memory is not good enough to remember a single moment from my early days of gaming. This isn't particularly a specific challenging moment, but it seem like people are using this as an opportunity to mention a single, general gaming achievement, so I'm going with this.

My wife and I got a platinum trophy for clearing all the stages, challenges, and optional objectives in Peggle 2. That was fun.

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Courtesy of tuffalobuffalo again:

What's your favorite sci-fi or fantasy movie weapon and/or vehicle?

Oh man. Good one! I'm gonna stretch the categorization a bit, but this:




I don't think I can answer this without trying to recount or recall every Sci-Fi movie I've ever seen.

The TIE Fighter makes the best SOUND of any Sci-Fi vehicle, at least, but is it the best vehicle? Hrm...

Know what? Best vehicle: Space Winnebago from Spaceballs.

Oh DAMN too late for the difficult level question. Still going to post mine though

For this weeks' question, I got nothing

Also *mumbles* Choose My Tag! if you haven't already

So so many great movie swords and lightsabers I would like to collect some day. But, if I had to choose the best weapon it would certainly be Han Solo's blaster.





I still have the plastic toy in my night stand. I'm 41.


Though I would also like an exposition on the Nightmare Child.


You thought I meant the blade, didn't you. No, it's that 80's hair. That glorious 80's hair.


ccesarano wrote:

I don't think I can answer this without trying to recount or recall every Sci-Fi movie I've ever seen.

This is a problem?

I'm trying to recall what the first science fiction vehicle I saw in film was. Probably a Star Destroyer. If we extend to fantasy, then it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Herbie the Love Bug.

Most days, my favorite would be the Tardis, but I'm in a giant robot sort of mood today:
(Bonus: vehicle AND weapon in one.)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Nice


BadKen wrote:


Damn it! I was going to say that (both the hair AND the blade).

My secondary weapon would be the Disc Gun from I Come In Peace (aka Dark Angel). It's a Dolph Lundgren action flick--you can imagine how ridiculous the weapon is.

(Can't find a good picture of it at the moment, but I'll add it in if I can find one)

I'm not fifteen anymore, but I'm still enough of a fangirl:

ClockworkHouse wrote:

I'm not fifteen anymore, but I'm still enough of a fangirl:

Are you willing to accept the manic depression and post-apocalypse that comes with it?

Ok, honest answer, gotta go with team lightsaber. That aside..


Stormbringer is pretty badass, but I don't think there has been an Elric movie yet (though there have been some attempts).

Warcraft's Lich King sword Frostmourne is pretty cool too, but pretty much a rip off of Stormbringer.

[edit] whoops, wrong survey!!!...corrected:

Grenn wrote:

Are you willing to accept the manic depression and post-apocalypse that comes with it?

I've already got column A, so why not column B?

PewPewRobo wrote:

I'm not going to say this is the best scene on public transit, but it might be the earliest best, plus it's got a couple of my all time favorite double-takes. (@ 20s and 1:09 respectively)

I got to see this last year for the first time with a live organ accompaniment. So much fun!

Edit: Muahaha... your survey mistake will live on forever!





Not sure if that's the later upgraded version or not.

I'd probably actually go with light saber / Millenium Falcon if I had a gun to my head.

I don't know if it has a name, but I always liked the look of this spaceship from the Heavy Metal film.


"It's okay, man, if there's one thing I know, it's how to drive when I'm stoned!"

Megatron: Vehicle, weapon, and sentient being all rolled into one. Specifically, the 80's animated series where he could transform into a gun.