Happy Hump Day Survey!

Since I can't find a video clip of it, I guess just a still shot will do:



It's the game Josh is playing at the beginning of the movie Big

Just thought of another:

Nevermind. I didn't notice there was another page.


Not nearly as good as my skimmer choice (The Wizard - Power Glove), but a documentary counts, yes?

[edit 2]

Ok, I thought of another one to actually redeem myself of the skimming.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the video game in Her yet. It's the first time I've ever seen an adult playing a video game portrayed in a mature, true-to-life way. Also, they portray a woman having a video game development job in a mature, somewhat true-to-life manner. It all just seemed so natural and normal. It was my second favorite thing about that movie with the first being the soundtrack.

It's refreshing to think that in 20-30 years most ignorant people won't consider video games as toys. Anyways, this is easily my one and only choice for this week.

Edit: NSFW Language in that clip.

Ok not a film but Red Drawf has a pretty awesome episode set in a VR world where they try to fight a virus and opens with this beauty

Well, I can only think of one great Video Game Move Scene that hasn't been posted:

How about the beginning of The Princess Bride where Fred Savage is playing Intellivision baseball?

Edit - any chance to mention The Princess Bride is a win to me

The Power Glove was the first that came to mind for me for sure, but the best I've come up with that hasn't been posted yet is from Terminator 2

I'm going to count these from Gravity Falls

Fight Fighters

Soos and the Real Girl

HAPPY HUMP DAY! What TV workplace would you love to be part of (either for the job or for the people)?


Wait, Tom Berenger was on Cheers?!

I believe that's a shot from the last season. I simply chose one with all the ladies. (That's all the ladies, right?)

Ahhhh yeah, didn't realize he was only on there for the last season. And yeah, I think that's all of main female characters. I believe the other noticeable one would be Bebe Nuewirth (Frasier's wife), but she is more of a side character in Cheers.

Anyway, my choice would be:


I mean, hanging out with Malcolm McDowell, Brecken Meyer, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar? Yuuup, I'll take that. Actually just Malcolm McDowell would be enough.

I don't even know what show that is.

glee's not a workplace, is it.

garion333 wrote:

I don't even know what show that is.

It's Franklin and Bash, a show that ran for a couple seasons on TNT as a summer filler show. It wasn't super amazing or anything like that (it did get cancelled and was a summer show, after all), but Malcolm McDowell's character was hilarious. He'd pop into scenes and drop some random anecdote about his life that was always ridiculous, and it's how I'd like to imagine the way his life would be outside of acting.

EDIT: Yeesh, I'm having issues with the BBCode today.


The trouble is, I watch too many sci-fi shows, where I would be the nameless redshirt. And we all know how well that works out.



I was Tanglebonehaussered.

Here's my close second: [action shot should answer why...]


Job and people!


Really badchicken? Really?!

Technically a movie, but...


(I need more write-time.)

Ah, the life of the mind..