Happy Hump Day Survey!

Led Zeppelin. When the Levee Breaks

Goin' to. Chicago!


Dammit, "Pennsylvania" by The Bloodhound Gang doesn't have any cities mentioned.

Hmmm... I can't think of any other songs with "Portland" in the lyrics off the top of my head.

The only one that springs to mind (and the version that I see in my mind):

To be honest, this was the first one to come to mind:

Though technically it doesn't mention a city. Shibuya is a special ward of Tokyo and Tokyo is a metropolis area (the City of Tokyo hasn't existed for over half a century :?).

"Aly, Walk With Me" by the Raveonettes

It mentions Portland. For no reason whatsoever.

Tanglebones wins with Atlantic City.

DiscoDriveby wrote:


What are the best songs whose lyrics contain the name of a city?

This question made me remember a song long forgotten.

OG_slinger wrote:

Ella & Louis- Autumn in NewYork

That was awesome. I'd forgot just how good they sounded together.

Grenn wrote:



sr_malo wrote:

Lyle Lovett - "I've Been To Memphis"

I'll see you one Memphis song and raise you another (only remembered it thanks to your entry):

Alright, the song that was in my head that inspired the question is:

Another good one:

Can't have this list without this one:

OK, let's move out of the US for a while.

My personal No.1 contains Port Elizabeth (South Africa) and is absolutely overwhelming when experienced live. Peter Gabriel's Biko. After all those years it still works. Seen him two times in the last year and Biko was always the final song. Shivers down the spine, hands in the air.

SixteenBlue wrote:

Tanglebones wins with Atlantic City.

I realized last night that what feels like every song on that record qualifies.

Tanglebones wrote:
Zoso1701 wrote:

Led Zeppelin. When the Levee Breaks

Goin' to. Chicago!

You two can stay.

Some non-Chicago options:

Downtown Campbell?


Grenada (might be cheating):

Happy Hump Day (for those of you who have not been up since 4 a.m.)!!

Who are your favorite pairs of fictional siblings?

Luke and Lea

Zan and Jayna