Happy Hump Day Survey!




Fire Emblem Awakening: Sumia decks Chrom:

Oh! I nearly forgot... (NSFW language)

(and the South Park version)

Okay, so, maybe there's more than one punch there...


What are the best improvised weapon scenes?

Every Jackie Chan movie

Also this:

I love this one from Kung Fu Hustle, which happens before you are told that the guys in this video are secret martial arts masters.

Headshot, the police station fight. Purely for incredibly nasty payoff for the typewriter:

(Probably don't watch that one at work.)

Also, shoutout to Tangled's frying pan:

Also, because I missed my opportunity to be on-brand last week:

The Tangled frying pan was the first that came to mind for me. Now I have to think of another...

Content kinda gruesome if you haven't seen it before: