Happy Hump Day Survey!


All the SNL suggestions and no one thought of the Super Bass-O-Matic?!


ClockworkHouse wrote:

Can I post a fake ad for a real place? What about a real ad for a fake place? Does it have to be a fake ad for a fake thing? What if I didn't know it was fake when I saw it? What if it's not supposed to be funny? Also, I'm busy all day: can I post tomorrow morning even though it's not hump day?

I don't feel this thread is fair. Some of us wait until the weekend to catch up on the forums.

I came across this one surfing for ideas and remember thinking this was SO SCANDALOUS as a kid

In Living Color Fashion Tampons! Couldn't find the clip, but it's at 8:10 in this episode so enjoy the theme song, fly girls, and some Fire Marshall Bill for old times sake.

"Balls-out Jeans" - can't remember where I saw it, but it was probably SNL.

cartoonin wrote:

That reminded me of these, also from R&S.



Since Disco is busy today working at the North American International Auto Show I've been asked to come up with a survey topic for today:

What is your favorite arcade game? For clarification, we're talking about arcade cabinets/machines that you would find in an arcade/Dave & Busters/etc.


Time Crisis, but only if it's a proper unit with the guns that kick and have a slide. God, those are satisfying.



ClockworkHouse wrote:

Time Crisis, but only if it's a proper unit with the guns that kick and have a slide. God, those are satisfying.

I kinda liked Crisis Zone better. Same franchise, new name.

The Grid holds a special place in my heart:


It was a competitive arena shooter with persistent personalization. I always wished Monday Night Combat was going to be basically like that game. Instead, MNC went MOBA. But the aesthetic and feel were the same, which is what gave me hope.

Too many to list... but here's a special one for me:



I can't even find a picture of the cabinet, but my favorite was probably Aero Fighters 2. I suppose it wasn't a great game, but it happened to be in most pizza places when I was growing up.


It was the best arcade game available during a week I was at a teenager at a Christian summer camp where outdoor activities were curtailed by constant rain. I mastered Mr Do! and Foosball to the point no one else at camp could touch me.

Similarly, I spent a week at church camp once playing an Aliens vs Predator cabinet that was on the college campus where we were having camp. I still love that game, and until Alien Isolation came out, it was the best Alien game around.



The top three I seek out any time I'm at a gathering of cabinets.

Arcade, specifically - The huge X-Men cabinets (the 1/2 cabinet, is okay, too) - I got to the point where I could finish the game on $1.25 - Storm, ftw!

Pinball - The Addams Family, hands down... The Twilight Zone, is a really close second.


followed closely by



Really the whole series, but this is the one I spent the most time on during college:

I also wasted WAY too much time/money on this beauty (Derby Racing Club):