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farley3k wrote:

I'm not crying, you're crying.

If that kid truly is as he comes across, he's one of the good ones.


We can do better than Twitter.

Just from a quick YouTube search, looks like it happened first in Tokyo:

And then a month later they did it again in London:

And as a bonus, Astley covering Foo Fighters:

zeroKFE wrote:

We can do better than Twitter. :P

I mean, even before you get to the post quality, just look at how much faster GWJ loads...

Spoilered for those with a fear of heights - but it is cool.


farley3k wrote:

That reminds me of this guy.

Sitting down when drunk

guy is good at his job

“Live a life that is well balanced; don't do things in excess.”

Love these

I love his voice but he is reading it so slowly that it will be a 50+ hour audiobook.


That stinks.

David Tennant reading Shania Twain's song "Man, I feel like a woman"

That's Samus 66 ? I love his expression.

NSFW - language.

Damn, that's the best one of those quick-cut transition videos I've ever seen.

Steve Irwin breaking up a kookaburra fight