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I think I have played this level in Ghost of Tsushima

I am so glad he is back in the public eye

Lupin the 3rd Part II - Wings of Death: Albatross (1980) Hayao Miyazaki

She's not wearing anything under that skirt.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

She's not wearing anything under that skirt.


Anime is horny, news at 11.

It is just amazing how much time people put into this stuff

Almost 30 years old but still one of the best.

Ghost in the Shell (1995 film)

sound on

This works great as a commercial. Turn on the sound

It really says something about those commercials that I knew at once what this video was aping even without the sound on.

Mental Floss wrote:

Beginning in 1992, the Netherlands-based confectioners had stormed the States with a series of inexplicably odd television spots that featured an earwig of a song (“Fresh Goes Better”), hammy acting, and a general sense that the ads were trying to approximate American culture rather than actually be a part of it -- not unlike a robot mimicking the emotions of its human counterparts.

from Mental Floss: The Bizarre History of Those '90s Mentos Commercials

I want!


Great travel video

When Ralphie May was still alive, my wife went and saw him perform at a neighboring city's performing arts center that had 2 ASL interpreters. One of them was more funny then Ralphie at times. He was talking about felatio(more crass term than that) and she mimed it, he realized it/saw what she was doing and the audience reaction, and took a side jaunt from his bit talking about it to get her to do it more. Made the whole experience even funnier.

That game is nails hard. She makes it look so easy and has clearly drilled that level a bajionty times.

a good reaction video to save for someday.

Boy I haven't seen Kelly's Heroes in a long time.

Perfect Joint

I doubt it allows me to juggle.

The sun.

Took me a long time to figure out there are two people
Hold up!


Extra Talent

Land piranhas subduing their kill….

It's funny because it's true

Blast from the past …

This will really, really change media

Sound on or it isn't very funny.