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I don't care for small dogs generally but this is pretty cute

Didn't think much at first, but holy cow!

I found her facial expressions very funny

New fitness goal

farley3k wrote:

I found her facial expressions very funny

Needs sound to fully appreciate.

NSFW with sound on but I found it funny

SFW with sound one and I found this funny too!

The good old days

farley3k wrote:

The good old days

I can both hear and smell this image.

You knew you were in for fun when the box was chockablock with 5.25 inch disks. Like what is even this game that takes some such level of disk swapping?

Can anyone name the source movie?

I think that was from Heavy Metal. Been forever seen I've seen it but think it had an evil glowing ball.

Yup. The original Heavy Metal.

Obviously too easy well known.

I could tell by the sh*tty animation quality!

Quintin_Stone wrote:

I could tell by the sh*tty animation quality!

I was in awe of it at the time.

Edit: and the boobies, I was in awe of those as well.

WTF is wrong with people. This cannot be remotely healthy.IMAGE(

Love the tail

54 yo Dave Grohl slaying drum part for Smells Like Teen Spirit

Apparently this is a new mash up idea and I like it!

"THE A-TEAM" premiered 40 years ago today, Wayback in 1983

I am watching that without sound but still hear the music.

So much shooting, so few people shot.

It's a shame that Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz are both conservative asshats.

Kind of speaks to the fine job The A-Team's casting director did tho.