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The future I wanted...

The future we got.

Was that a shark?

Yes. It apparently swam up one of the canals.

Nevin73 wrote:

Was that a shark?

No, it was a shirtless guy.

And now I am hungry

I think her legs are actually spagetti

Cat stretching in the sink

I can walk to the fridge to get a diet coke...


NSFW Language


Sound on for these but they are clean

Laura Branigan - Gloria (1982)

They get an A+ for enthusiasm

farley3k wrote:

They get an A+ for enthusiasm

And a C for which area of the spinal column they are most likely to injure.

farley3k wrote:

Ludicrous, but if they told me it was safer than being on that bridge with the cars I think I'd believe it.

I picture someone doing that every time I see a bridge like that.
And I've done it in 7 Days to Die

Sound on

Okay, that was a twist ending I did not see coming.

Miles away from what a GIF was/is but this still seems like the best thread.

This scene is a classic and the reactions just hilarious
*sound on

But I can't embed because I am sure Reddit wants you to go there....but it is kind of funny