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That last one ends WAY too soon.

Clickie link for full YT.

Alternate one with lyrics.

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Mad props to her for not panicking.

If I remember correctly, the point of the video was if this happens to you, don't act like a seal, don't start splashing and flailing, look the shark directly in the eyes letting it know you're a predator as well, and then go boop I got ur nose and push it away.

Yeah I believe she is intentionally splashing to get it's attention.

That shark is also not a shark in a "feed me Seymore" mood. It is coming in nice and slow and at the same level instead of from underneath. It just wanted to see what the weird thing in the water was.

Is there a name for that 3M product... google failed me.

Well having scoured the entirety of's product page for Storage Organisation, I'm gonna say either it's no longer in production or that 3M only made the adhesive strip in the video but not the clip.

Didn't take long to find them (the pictures at least show 3M on the back) on amazon:
Cfyouend Cord Orgainizer

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meanwhile, I grunt when I get on the couch

He protec

I have seen this before but I still love it.

Hope that guy in the last one was wearing his brown pants.

Worth turning on the sound

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Worth turning on the sound


That is way too accurate. Most TVs at least have a sound normalization feature that kind of helps though. We have an LG, a Samsung, and a Visio and it is pretty good on the LG (the TV we use the least sadly), and so/so on the Visio (my gaming TV), and pretty worthless on the Samsung (the TV we use the most of course).

That grin at the end... love it when you can laugh at kiddos being ridiculous.

Posting mostly because I am at what a good job they did

Sound on for awesomeness.

I love her instagram... but I also like celtic music and instrumentals of pop music... so a bagpipe playing modern songs isn't a stretch.

The scale of the chain and that block... no one is stopping it. It will go and take along anything that gets in its way.

I know I couldn't do this

Getting fit for Halloween like...


It's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insa-a-a-a-ane.

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I know I couldn't do this

I played enough Rock Band that I'm pretty sure I could do it eventually, but I'd do it wrong. I have to put it together as one complicated rhythm rather than holding two simple patterns in my head at the same time.