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farley3k wrote:

Sound on

Ends too soon!

Mantid wrote:
farley3k wrote:

Sound on

Ends too soon!

Holy wow that was awesome (especially Hugo Weaving).

Another one extremely well done

It seems to be a theme on IMGUR today - and I wholly support it

Touch of Marv

Story of a happy walk

No gross hamburgers. -100/10

(cross-posted to the space thread)

Collage of a SpaceX launch:


This may work better

*shrug* Both work fine for me on mobile.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

No gross hamburgers. -100/10

But they forgot the wonderful bacon and eggs from Howl's Moving Castle.


Another jerk more talented and good looking than me -

Tags not working for some reason. Enjoy via link

This is one awesome editing.

I would have thought the mentos would win

I wonder if the bottle got hot?

Oddly satisfying

Reminds me of Zen Puzzle Garden a fantastic old PC/Mac game.

Awesome (audio on)

Sound on for this one too

It is not moving

The last one reminds me of the Atari game Adventure.

Did you post that one because Jon Stewart is playing the HR guy?

No, but now I want to check.

This one is because I must be hungry.

Hah. I've only seen that recipe as:

Spoiler: Dead Chicken with Old Milk


Damn that looks good. My morning Pop-tart isn't quite doing it now.