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food porn

This is not food porn....well not human food but I thought it was cool

Did they make a cheese stick out of a block of mozzarella? Kind of reminds me of the fried cheese thing you used to be able to get from Corn Dog On A Stick.

Nice remix of a classic gif

Love this show. - Turn on sound


Oh it gets better:

Too tall and too wide! The rare double-threat!

I see that and I think.... now try it playing instruments....

I would've loved to see the first practices.

If I need sound, it's not a gif it's a video.

Yeah, if you want you can go search for 集団行動 (Shuudan Koudou, lit. Collective Action) on YouTube and find plenty of examples of this, including some practice sessions, although you might not find any of them bumping into each other and/or falling over, just missing their marks here and there.

very cool except that the poor thing is terrified.

You need the sound on but it is worth it.

The new audio I play for scam calls:

The CIA?

When God says get up, he really means it.

farley3k wrote:

The Netflix remake (which this is from) is excellent.

I was expecting the boat to hit something.

Took me a bit to get that the guy who throws the backpack swaps places with the backpack as his power I guess. Well done though

Yeah, the whole thing is very well done: