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Dr Gruber: Now lets go on to something ruder.

Assistant: Wankel rotary engine.

Mistakes were made...

Trying to get your drunk friend into an uber

Javelinas vs. Amazon delivery van:

To go with Farleys post above.

Cloudpunk is the game.

Sound on:

More here.

Wait for it...

You're gonna need a bigger boat pen.

Now I know how geese grow up to be such butter, mean birds...

A moments peace

I was expecting the cameraperson to get hit by a hawk or dog or bear or something.

Is link a lefty?

Yes, he's always been a lefty. The only time he wasn't was in 2006 - for the Wii release of Twilight Princess, because they were worried that, with the motion controls, to not have the game and the player's hand line up would have been confusing. The Gamecube release of Twilight Princess has Link as his traditional, left-handed self.