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Jim Carrey deep fake.

That is ... amazing...horrifying....troubling....

Well there's your problem!

Explosions are always good.

I assume they know each other

Disney owns Pixar. Disney owns Marvel. It all makes sense.

On your right!

Cue Terminator theme:

That top one is like infomercial level of fail.

Rykin wrote:

That top one is like infomercial level of fail.

Looks to me like he was mullet fishing and caught one...

edit: on second look i think maybe it's just shadows that make it look like he's got a long hair in the back

That is totally what I would look like if I tried to cast one of those nets.


farley3k wrote:


This is a pretty sweet 'game' In fact didn't the podcast refer to it a few weeks ago?

farley3k wrote:

Well, that's one way to turn the camera to the right frickin' orientation.

Hell, I just find her ability to swing that thing and to let it go at the right moment amazing.

This captures so well what it must be like to see an eldritch being.

Sound on:

Aren't gifs with sound just videos?

Aren't gifs just a series of pictures displayed in a sequential order?

The new style of small videos being used like gifs seems to me to fit somewhere between classic gifs and full videos. As competition for full video it sucks but it does add something to a gif style of thing sometimes. It is like classic 140 character Twitter versus current 280 character limit versus a blog post.