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Jim Carrey deep fake.

That is ... amazing...horrifying....troubling....

Well there's your problem!

Explosions are always good.

I assume they know each other

Disney owns Pixar. Disney owns Marvel. It all makes sense.

On your right!

Cue Terminator theme:

That top one is like infomercial level of fail.

Rykin wrote:

That top one is like infomercial level of fail.

Looks to me like he was mullet fishing and caught one...

edit: on second look i think maybe it's just shadows that make it look like he's got a long hair in the back

That is totally what I would look like if I tried to cast one of those nets.


farley3k wrote:


This is a pretty sweet 'game' In fact didn't the podcast refer to it a few weeks ago?

farley3k wrote:

Well, that's one way to turn the camera to the right frickin' orientation.

Hell, I just find her ability to swing that thing and to let it go at the right moment amazing.