Persona 5

Jonathan Dornbush from IGN was on The Trophy Room podcast and mentioned his podcast with Tom Marks where they played P5R in real time, Take Your Time.

Persona 5 was my favorite game of 2017, but the length discouraged me from checking out Royal. I was also kind of bummed that, unlike the remakes of P3 and P4 was on the same console, not a handheld.

But, I think it might make for a fun project to play P5R over the next real in as close to real time as I am able and listen to this podcast as I go. Since I've played the original blind, I think I'll also follow a 100% walkthrough.

I don't know if I will stick with it, but even if I don't, I think whatever I do will still be an interesting experience.

Dang that's a neat idea. Starts in April? Maybe I could spare the time for that.

Yeah April 9th is the first day. And this year the days of the week line up also.

That … is an amazing idea. I don’t think I’ll be playing again but would love to follow along.

Be sure to budget lots of play time for your palace infiltration days!

Yeah it will be interesting to see how palace days land. I mean, if I do stick with it, I won’t be surprised if I miss some days and have to catch up. But I’ll try not to miss a lot.

Yeah the podcast says 1 week = 1 week, not exactly a day-to-day. But still a nice idea and would give some time since it's such a known long game anyway.

Oh that’s a better way to do it. Yesterday as I was thinking about this more, I realized that doing it day-to-day would be especially brutal near the end of the year…


For those who have played before, think about all that happens on Nov. 18 and Dec. 24. Dec. 24, in particular, would probably be a 6+ hour affair

Yeah, that makes sense. I suspect I would have quickly come to the conclusion that a week to week approach would be necessary. I don’t think that would minimize the experience anyway. I’ll probably try to hit some days on a one to one just for fun. It will take some experimenting.

First three days down, first podcast listened to (future episodes cover a week).

Playing with Japanese voice acting this time to further change things up.

Feels good to be playing Persona 5 again, without the feeling like I am taking on a 100 hour game. I mean, I am, of course, but not one I plan on finishing anytime soon.

First impressions of the podcast are good. Decent insights and not afraid to call the game out on its [email protected]$%!. I love Persona 5, but it has a lot of problematic elements that I don't think should be ignored.

The inclusion of the new character in the opening felt a bit awkward, especially compared to the rest of the sequence, but I look forward to seeing more of her eventually.

Five years is too long for me to remember the original translation, but so far this one seems good, so therefore, better. This wasn't enough for me to jump back in when Royal was released, but I am also looking forward to experiencing this new translation.

Ryuji's Japanese voice actor really sold his rough attitude at the start of the game. Maybe more than the English one, or maybe that's just my memory again.

First palace down, first treasure stolen, etc.

Did my infiltration on a Sunday and managed to do it in one go. Following the 100% guide the plan will be to always do them in one in-game day but I may not always manage to get it all into one real life day.

My rhythm so far has been to play 3 days per week or so. This maintains enough of a real time feel without it being burdensome it seems.

Royal differences continue to be mostly welcome but not revolutionary.

Whenever I see this thread popping up I hope it is to announce a Switch version.

Saw a blurb about 2 new announcement spaces added to the 25th anniversary site. So something more is coming, sometime this year...

I have been burned by that before! It will be a musou with the characters, or the characters will be added to Smash Bros, or just some other random thing - never just a plain Switch version.

farley3k wrote:

Whenever I see this thread popping up I hope it is to announce a Switch version. :(

Sorry. I though there might be a Switch version until Royal was announced for only the PS4.

Edit: That reminds me, though: I’ve been often playing it handheld on my phone through the remote app with the Backbone controller.

Probably going to be a Switch port of P4G coming soonish though. I'd love to see P3P or P3:FES on Switch/Steam/PS4

Yeah I thought P4G was rated for Switch already or something. Just everything except the official announcement.

I would settle for that. P4G was very good.

Definitely the consensus girl

(I dated her too, on my second playthrough)

I think Futaba's my favorite party member in terms of writing, but she's too much like a little sister to romance

Persona 5 coming to pc and Xbox october 2022 according to atlus west twitter. P3 and p4 coming but no dates yet.

Why are they ignoring the switch? It would be perfect for the handheld

Or as this article headline says

Persona 3, 4, and 5 Seemingly Confirmed For Everything But Switch
The torture continues...

I assume switch may be a bit more work for some of the games. Since Xbox is basically a PC you do those test the sale numbers and if you like them then work out what switch gets. Or maybe they are waiting for the next Nintendo direct so Nintendo gets the win similar to how Xbox got this win.


I never played P3 so is there anything I will need to know going in? Google says the only real option is "male or female main character". Is there anything I should keep in mind as I will have played 4 and 5 by the time 3 comes out.


Only that 3, in comparison to 4 and especially 5, may feel a bit barebones. You're climbing a randomly generated tower, it's the first time they're doing the social links so they're not as fleshed out, etc. The mood and tone of the game is really well done, and I hope I can replay it at some point to experience it again.

Yeah there's a lot of gameplay changes and polish to 4 and 5. But the characters in 3 felt pretty original. And the method of the team invoking each persona... wow.

farley3k wrote:

Why are they ignoring the switch? It would be perfect for the handheld

Or as this article headline says

Persona 3, 4, and 5 Seemingly Confirmed For Everything But Switch
The torture continues...

They're not!

Yeah forgot to post in here but we talked about it in the Switch thread last week when the direct was released.

More excited about 3 since I never played the updated version with female MC.

I've still got an unopened copy of Royal than I intended to play on PS5 at some point. And I got it for $20. Will be a long time before Switch version is that cheap.