This country is great and capitalism is why - make your case

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Now, I don't know I'd say that capitalism is the defining source of our greatness.

cheeba wrote:

The left has been extremely successful going after youth. If they don't understand that capitalism is what made this country great, then I am worried.

Yes, and if you ask me to expound on my opinion then I provide more nuance. I don't understand why that's not allowed here.

Nuance is certainly welcome - as I said earlier, I thought backpedaling to the weaker claim that capitalism is the leading contributor (among many) to America's greatness was a good choice, and a more defensible position.

If the argument now is that it's just one of many factors, that's cool, but is also a significant shift from the original statement.

realityhack wrote:

Um... actually that wasn't posted exclusively at you Cheeba, more about the entire topic.
I do appreciate the double sarcastic reaction to sarcasm though. It did make me grin.

Yeah, I was just kind of riffing on the actual joke of that World Police video, but I guess it's interesting to see how someone might think everything in a thread is about them.

edit: PS - also being accused of adding nothing to the conversation even though that's clearly not the case. Was that part of the sarcasm? Can't tell any... more... irony... too thick... help... someone... send rope... can't... move...

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And yet it is extremely simple to define Justice in America.

Nuh uh. Trayvon Martin case - was that justice? I would argue it was the right verdict but I would not argue that it was justice.

Nevermind. You don't get it.
Nu uh. Tesla - was that American greatness? I would argue it was American greatness, but I would not argue that it was Capitalism fostering and nurturing American greatness.

I don't think I've ever been more mystified by a thread.