Heroes of the Storm Catch-All

People just haven’t found a counter to her yet. I think she’s really good because she is a direct counter to the current meta of 4-1 lanes. Heroes that can duel her and assassinate her should be good against her. Such as Dual blades Varian, Zeratul, or Butcher. Supports such as bright wing and Uther can help cc her. However, the team needs to be well rounded for those heroes to work.

She’s great against mages because they can’t run and mobile heroes like genji and Hanzo.

Chimalli wrote:

People just haven’t found a counter to her yet.

I agree, but by the same token, people haven't worked out how to play as her yet either, and her win rate is still ridiculous.

Big surprise Maiev was nerfed

Developer Comment: Maiev has arrived in the Nexus and seems to be obliterating her foes (as she should) but is slightly deadlier than we intended. The Warden’s survivability is currently too high, which allows her to get tons of resets on Fan of Knives while ignoring enemy threats. To address this, we’re removing her armor gain from Vault of the Wardens, while slightly lowering her damage output so that she has to stick around in the fight a little longer to take down her opponents. After these changes, we’ll continue to keep an eye on Maiev to be sure that she has enough survivability to perform her melee Assassin role, without it feeling like her enemies have little-to-no options for counterplay

Yeah she had it coming

It's probably not far enough but I'd rather see small incremental nerfs than just sending her to the basement. Good that they acted so quickly.

Repeated nerfs are demoralizing. It feels better to get hit hard once and then incrementally get nudged back up into a balanced spot. The trick is to nerf a character hard enough to be sure it'll be enough, but not so much that nobody plays them. That could lead to overcompensating in the other direction.

I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever fix the bug that sticks a daily quest in the queue that you can't progress in.

I've had the same "Complete 3 vs AI games" daily quest on my main screen in this game since April of last year. A quick perusal of their forums tells me this is a fairly common problem, it's on their known issues list, but there's zero news about any fix for it.

Pretty big bummer for all the folks, myself included, that just only get two daily quests for all this time. Kinda kills the gold income.

That is a bummer, Thin J, I hadn't heard of that one. I didn't even know that quest existed too. I guess the only thing you can do if you wanted to maximise gold income is clear them every day as they come in (apart from the one you can't, of course). This time around I'm finding gold fairly worthless anyway. There are so many heroes in the game now that I can't possibly play most of them at a level I'm happy with. I own about 60 of the 77 heroes and realistically I'm only going to be good at 7 or 8 of them, so I don't need to buy any more. And if I'm really curious about a new hero they go free to play 3 weeks after release anyway. Now, all of that isn't to say your problem isn't a problem- it's a bug after all (and you'd think an easy one to fix), but I do wonder if the hero release schedule might start to slow down a bit now that there are so many options.

I'm pretty sure they said they were slowing down. At least I remember something about that from a couple months ago. Maybe at Blizzcon?

Of course that announcement is undercut by the fact that they haven't seemed to slow down at all. Maybe we're just seeing what was left in the old pipeline.

Hey all I had to do was grumble about that daily quest bug apparently. It seems to have gotten fixed and my next three AI games cleared it out.


I jumped in for a quickmatch yesterday for the first time in months. I played Lili, we won, and I got MVP. While I has chatting the whole time, I didn't hear anyone else use voice chat at all. I was hoping that voice chat would change the experience and help teams actually play like teams. Have y'all observed people using voice chat? In Ranked?

I have only had one “bad” experience with voice chat so far. It has been overwhelmingly positive or neutral.