Import a ror.xml to Excel, possible?

I've got a sitemap in ror.xml format that I want to import into an excel spreadsheet, but excel doesn't seem to like this kind of xml file. Anyone know of a way to import it correctly? I just need the URL in column A, and the URL title in column B.

Import/save as a csv (comma or space seperated value) file?

When you import something as a csv file it will let you configure the import like wether to remove empty values in between commas:

one, two,,four can be stored into columns as one two <blank> four or one two four

Hard for me to figure out what's going on without seeing the field itself, I'm afraid. Is it really just a .csv format, or could you get it into that format?

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I actually found a solution going a different way, but the ror.xml file I was referring to is the one generated when you use the site to map out your urls. It does not appear to be in CSV format. I wanted to use this version because it was the only one separating out the URLs from the webpage titles. However I downloaded a free app that does this for me and in CSV, so problem solved!