Fang's Clustered Computer

I think I am only lasting this long without firefox crashing because I have disabled hardware acceleration.

I have been having terrible problems with my win xp computer that was running fine until I installed a new thermal take 650w psu and an evga gtx 760. After installing those, I have had random application crashes and I have not been able to play any 3d games without either crashing or going black once the 3d tries to render.

The 760 has been rma'd because it was doing all sorts of whacky stuff like jagged diagonal black lines overlayed on 2d games and pixelated transparency glitches that aren't sorted correctly in the z buffer. Throw in a few blue screens to boot.

So the first thing I did was swap back my old video card. (drivesweepered out the old drivers and installed fresh ones) 3d games still won't load, and I am still getting random crashes (visual c++ errors, out of quota when I am only using 10% or my systems ram, etc) And when these crashes occur, I have to reboot in order to get any functionality back.

For a while, I could not load any videos or youtube without crashing. (disabling hardware accel in firefox I think fixes this but I don't recall having to disable it in the past)

So I tried to revert to a restore point before I installed the gtx760 and its drivers, and it got nearly 100% before it failed. So I tried repairing my windows install and it succeeded but didn't solve the crashing problems. So I tried reinstalling windows and my computer would boot to the login screen and restart.

So I got a fresh hdd that I was saving for installing windows 8 and did a fresh install of windows xp on it. (yuck it is killing me that I cannot get win8 to install on my computer and I've had to install xp practically 3 times) So I loaded up drivers on it and was able to copy documents, etc over from the old hdd. (I figured it was failing and that was causing the problem) There were some crashes so once I got stuff off of it, I removed the drive hoping that would solve the crashes.

Well my computer is able to stay up so long as I don't really try to do something with it. I have swapped back my old psu to see if that could be the problem but it hasn't made any difference in me being able to play 3d games.

So, the only thing left is mobo? RAM? Is it possible that both my gpus got fried? I have like no options left and I do not want to put any more money out there if it isn't going to help.

At one point I thought it could be steam but I haven't put steam on the fresh install and I am still having issues. I fired up hellgate london because it was a dvd I had nearby and it would play on the fresh install with the old gpu and the new psu. It would crash but the gpu recover would kick in and I could play again in roughly 4-5 seconds.

Help! ( I have been keeping an eye on budget systems but they aren't very good these days. They either leave you with 4gb ram or I found a decent dell 660-3049bk but it has a gimpy 220w psu)

edit: I have never had this many problems with piecing together computers...

Yeah, it sounds more like a mobo problem to me given the issues over the whole range of use cases... I guess it could be the ram but I'd be surprised given the 3D game issues. Sounds like the PSU fried the graphics card and mobo... Maybe other things too?