Playing Blu Ray on HTPCs

So I'm running into problems playing Blurays on my Win8 HTPC. I've tried several walkthroughs to get VLC to play them, since many sources SAY you can add a few files to get it to work, but I follow those without success.
Does anyone have a way to play bluray on their HTPC besides buying a $70 software suite?

Pretty sure VLC with the added folder trick is the only way to do that. What tutorial/HOWTO are you following? Other than that, you're going to get stuck ripping Blu-rays (possible to do without paying money) or paying for a licensed software suite.

Yeah, there isn't a super simple way to do it.

I did it the rip way for a while, and eventually gave up and just bought PowerDVD and put it on my HTPC. It's just simpler.

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

What tutorial/HOWTO are you following?

Pretty much the same thing. I'm using Windows 8 64 bit, so finding the right download from VLC isn't clear to me either. There doesn't seem to be an installation file, only zip (which doesn't contain an installation file) and an exe (which is the vlc executable, not the installation program)

I think you can just run that main .exe installer here. The 32-bit version of the program should be fine. If you want to install the 64-bit version, out of all those downloads on that list, this one will give you a regular windows .exe installer.

The tutorial you listed is how I've helped someone set it up. Be aware that it might not work for EVERY Blu-ray.