NFL 2013: Week 9

garion333 wrote:

I wouldn't pencil in McCown as my permanent starter, but there's a reason he's been floating around the league for so long. He's always had talent, but a penchant for turning the ball over.

You never know. Some QBs get better with age, and there are plenty of guys (Steve Beuerlein, Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner) who ended up as starters in their 30s. It's not probable or even likely (see "Wallace, Seneca," who's now 33), but it might just maybe could happen.

There are more starting QB jobs than there are capable starting QBs to fill them, so why not McCown?

Unrelated: Here's a nice little story about the guy who ended up playing RG for the Panthers on Sunday. The Panthers signed Nate Chandler as a free agent defensive tackle a year ago, and he'd never played OG before until Sunday.