Video and Audio Capture Help

Before I leave Japan, there's something I want to do. I want to capture myself and my friend playing SNES and/or NES games. How do I capture the video from the TV? I have several different TVs to use and my laptop at my disposal. The most common output is HDMI.

I know I can download an emulator and ROMs for the games but I'd prefer to keep this authentic.

For Audio, I figure I can have us wearing mics and hook us up to my laptop.

I am surprised you have an HDMI going from the NES to the TV. I thought those were only Coax or Component. You will run cable out of the NES into a Splitter. Then run the splitter to the Computer and the TV. Record on the Computer and play on the TV. You can record on the computer using a free software, FRAPS, or whatever the capture card comes with (if any). You will need an adapter for your computer to accept the video in (if one isn't built in) (a capture card). You can also just run from the NES straight into the computer and do not use a splitter.

FRAPS also records audio from Microphones, but some of the Pros use separate voice recording boxes and mix it to the video afterwards (layering multiple voice tracks). What I do is have people join VOIP like Mumble or Teamspeak and record that along with the game audio.

Here's an example of an HDMI video recorder for PC:

Here's one with Component video (Yellow, Red, White) and video editing software:

Here's one without the software (and older version):

I have not personally used any of these, but I have used other video capture cards for converting VHS. You can usually find video capture cards/USB at a major electronics store.

That is massively helpful. Thanks a billion. When I get back from Tokyo I'll have to look in to getting those set up.

I use the elgato game capture HD. It will do HDMI, composite and component. It is a really awesome device, its small and easy to hook up and doesn't require a power adapter. The software it comes with is pretty decent but not great but you don't have to use their software. I don't really do a lot of recorded videos with it but mostly streaming to twitch and its been great.

I second the Elgato. I picked one up from eBay and used it to stream all 25 hours for Extra Life this year with no problems and it connects to almost any gaming machine you can think of.

Amazon Japan has a few in stock if you want for just under ¥ 17,000 -