Please recommend me an audio-streaming solution

Hello guys,

It looks like my beloved Logitech Squeezebox Duet has bitten the dust, leaving our master bedroom without music and ambient sounds. With the replacements no longer being manufactured and only available at a premium on Ebay, I began looking for alternatives. The criteria are:

1. Capable of streaming audio via DLNA.
2. Operating via Wi-Fi using DLNA/UPNP interface, so that I could continue to use my Netgear NAS as the server and my Android phone as the controller.
3. Capable of working in a headless fashion, that is, not requiring a video connection for the startup and usage. I am going to locate it in my closet, next to the receiver which it will plug into. My bedroom in-wall speakers are connected to that receiver too.
4. Priced at no more than $100 or so.

Thanks for any suggestions!


I read it... but don't use anything like this for music and so have no experience with anything that fits your requirements.

I read it too, and went to go see how much used Squeezeboxes are going for, and nearly bruised my jaw on the tabletop. And then I sort of poked around on Amazon a little, checking out the other stuff it suggested for a search on 'squeezebox', but didn't see anything that seemed that appealing.

I think Sonos and Roku are the only real players in that space anymore, but I don't have any direct experience. It's such a shame that Slim sold out to Logitech. They were, in my view, the best option available, by a substantial margin. The sound quality was just outstanding, and the prices, at least on the original models, were very good. I think they'd still be there if they hadn't sold the company.

Is $100 your limit Gorilla? Is Sonos not an option? I have one and swear by it.

The cheapest used Sonos Connect I could find runs at $186 with shipping... I keep hearing that Sonos products are really nice, but I was looking to spend half of that.

I have a Sonos system in my house, as well, and it works well. You're not going to find one for $100, though.

FSeven wrote:

How about this Gorilla?

Actually looks pretty good, thanks! There is an Android remote app in the market, and looks like it's UPNP based thru and thru.
I was looking into Asus RP-N53, but looks like this Grace unit gives me more for the same money.

The more I read the specs on thing the more I think I need one for myself.