Star Trek Online Catch-All

I found "Measure of Morality" and really enjoyed the TOS references to the Excalbians and Abraham Lincoln ( Voice acting by Jeri Ryan. Yes, I am old enough to remember that the 70s only had TOS plus the animated shows. Looking forward to doing the second part tonight, hopefully it doesn't keep me up again till 2am!

As for the writing quality, I have had Star Trek Fleet Command on my iPad for during those long commercial breaks on MSNBC and other times when I have time to waste. STFC's is as good as the Transformers cartoons.

Required Game Question - a lot of the Youtube guides are really old and none of them are for the PS4. Any recommendations?

I am not a video guide person, so no idea on any video tutorials out there. But, when I got into the game I did a lot of reading on the reddit /r/STO page, and a ton of reading on the Gamepedia Wiki: Much of the advice for PC players is equally valuable for console players as the game engine and base systems are the same. The big difference really comes in the PC players having much faster and direct access to ship/ground abilities. To combat that on the console, make sure you set as many of your support abilities as possible to automatically trigger. For example, I have my "Rotate Shield Frequency" trigger set to fire at 75% shield strength, and the more powerful "Reverse Shield Polarity" to fire at 50% shield strength. I tend to keep my offensive abilities on manual, as they're not nearly as easy to automate, and the automation for offense abilities tends to fire at the worse possible time.

Of course, these failings in my mind lead to the best possible "Trek" immersion stories. Spoilered for side story Trek fun:


The USS Granada, an Ambassador class federation ship, was dispatched on a patrol in the New Romulus section of space where a group of Reman warbirds had been reported as terrorizing a colony. The captain of the USS Granada attempted to enter into a peaceful negotiation with the Remans to understand why they would be attacking a defenseless colony. As soon as the hailing channel was opened and the initial conversation began, the Granada's tactical officer, an overzealous fresh human recruit straight from the academy, initiated a spread of photon torpedoes at the opposing ships! In anger the Remans closed the hailing channel and moved into immediately attack! That same tactical officer was so sure of his skills that he initiated Attack Pattern Beta and began firing all phaser banks! Of course, the Remans immediately spread out and flew in opposite directions to flank and surround the Granada, making the attack pattern particularly useless. While the engineering teams scrambled to keep the shields online under the barrage of disruptor fire, the captain initiated evasive procedures to try and keep some distance between the attacking ships and focus all firepower/attention on the lead Reman warbird. The tactical officer, continuing to ignore the captain's commands continued to fire spreads of photons and phaser fire without focusing on the biggest threat. Of course, the Remans out-maneuvered the slower federation ship and tore through the Granada's rear shields and hull, resulting in a warp core breach that completely destroyed the ship.

Suffice to say that it was a ton of fun, and I learned my lesson not to have offensive powers set at automatic.

Generally, my advice for this game when going through the story content is really just to have fun. So far for me, it's just been a great ride. Use the weapons you enjoy, use the ships you enjoy, and just ignore a lot of the Meta-game discussions or issues. Having said that, I will say that as you level you really do have to move up to the appropriate ship class up to the T5 ships. STO aggressively levels the encounter content as you rank up, and the starter ship is outgunned/outclassed as soon as you hit level 10.

I'll add you to my friends list in PSN and hit you up if I see you online in STO when I am. Feel free to do likewise. I try to jump on at least a few times a week in the evenings once the kids are in bed.

Yeah, when you hit 50 you do have to start making sure your ship equipment is appropriate levels and you have slotted traits or it may get a bit frustrating.

For what it is worth, I played a while and as long as I was in featured content it was well conceived and written. HOWEVER, the game systems showed it's age and was creaky and there were too many "fetch me 9 rats quests". Gave up as being a "meh...", might go back some day but probably really doubt it.

In the mean time I still play Destiny with my son, grind in Star Trek Fleet Command (writing really sucks) and picked up Elite Dangerous on sale on the PS4. Cool universe but OMG what a super steep learning curve. I've restarted twice to finish the tutorial combat mission and failed.

Good luck Captains!