Star Trek Online Catch-All

I know it's petty, but something that always bothered me about this game was the scaling of the maps to the size of the player. Everything was huge and made the player characters seem so tiny.

I think you’ll find $15 worth of game there for sure. Been a while since I last logged in, just one day stopped playing. It is the only game I bought a lifetime sub for.

I played a lot this week and while the ground mechanics are still "janky" I think the sci fi stuff is cool, the ship models are cool and the in universe story missions are fun.

In space combat how do you constant auto fire so you can just worry about movement and special skills? Thanks!

Thought it was spacebar?

But it's been a couple years.

I think you have to use some setting when adding a weapon to an action bar, I cannot recall the specifics (maybe right click on the icon or some setting around the ship info at the bottom of the screen)

You can right click a weapon so it auto fires. It'll be highlighted in green when it's set to auto fire.

Note that the order they fire is not determined by the order you right clicked them but rather their placement. They'll fire in order from top left to right and then the bottom row from left to right. (This is important for weapons that buff other weapons, for example.)

javamancer are you still playing a lot? Is your fleet still active? Thanks!

No. I played for about 9 months a few years ago, but eventually got burned out and moved on. I had a lot of fun and was lucky to find a good fleet, but I'm pretty sure that fleet's dead now.

I have reinstalled all. I don't think the friend list in STO is connected to steam. As I recall, I am @Zoso1701 in there as well.

I'll likely be playing only when I have others to play with. So, feel free to reach out on Steam, here, Twitter, etc. All Zoso1701, all the time.

The DS9 cast has reprised their roles in the game. This is what brings me back.

Arise, Thread!

I have been on a big Star Trek kick lately, having re-watched all of TOS and now getting into TNG. So I decided to go ahead and give STO a try on my PS4. Totally having a blast playing and I'm now rocking a Wrath of Khan era uniform and a constitution class ship.

Anyone else out there still playing? I've been going down the rabbit hole on this game, so anything out there that's been published for tips and tricks and getting started, I've read, but if you've got a hidden gem of advice, please share!

I usually play a couple times of year for extended periods. It is a fun game. Mt initial advice is around lvl 50 or so there is a space combat wall. It is very important to start looking at your space traits and ship equipment for synthesis (?) aspects. This will really boost survivability.

Also, make sure you fire up those daily rep missions if you have the marks to get them done!

Yeah it's been a few years at this point. Great game, I miss it, but no time for MMOs now

Yeah, the MMO part of this game is unfortunate, because I have a busy life with 3 kids, and thus need to be able to, you know, PAUSE the game. So I'm only playing late at night after the family is in bed and I can play un-interrupted. I'm finding running a story mission is about an hour, so it's not a bad wind down before bed time for me.

Any thoughts on spending money these days in the store vs. just grinding through game play and missions? I have received a bunch of lock boxes through normal play, but it looks like I need to buy a key to open the box?

I've not touched this in FOREVER. How does it hold up?

Listen, I'm in the "New Game Honeymoon" phase so you can't really take my word for it. But I've put in 10 hours in the last week and I'm happy. I'll keep playing. But will I spend money? Probably not.

For me this is just an enjoyable time sink that is in a universe I enjoy. My biggest complaint is that it is too combat heavy. Star trek is at its best with words, not combat. So "gamifiying" it has always been a challenge. But, that said, if you're going to go heavy star trek space/ground combat, this is just fine. Again, not "awesome!" it's "just fine". Set your expectations accordingly.

ThatGuy42 wrote:

Star trek is at its best with words, not combat. So "gamifiying" it has always been a challenge.

Star Trek Timelines does a good job of avoiding that. BUT it’s a freemium spreadsheet-game based: collect crew, send them away on missions, collect items, spend items to get different crew and items, repeat. Fun-ish, and the Trek skin kept me to it for a year or two, but it’s still not the be-all-end-all Trek game we want by any means. The missions and combat are nice little puzzles, but the most fun is had by collecting rare and super-useful crew.

I think the story stuff is good and Star Trek-esque and it has A LOT of content. It's a MMORPG so it is hard to get away from any combat.

@ThatGuy42 - trying to get the highest thing out of a lockbox with a key can be frustrating. Most people agree it is easier to spend real money on keys, which you can then sell in the ingame marketplace for quite a sum and then try to buy the thing you want. The lockbox ships are quite expensive on the marketplace though. Keys usually sell for 3 - 5million credits. The T6 ships can be in the hundreds of millions.

I haven't played for a few years, but I really liked the story stuff in STO. I think they did a great job building out the universe from the TV shows. It was great seeing where those characters ended up and how their stories progressed, and a bunch of the actors voice their characters in the game.

I've read that the writers for the new Picard series talked to the STO devs about what happened after the TV shows ended.

The exploration part of the game isn't good -- or rather, non-existant, but I loved the space combat and the stories, especially ones that built on stories from the TV shows.

I'm still playing STO and just having a great time. Honestly the stories are really the highlight for me and being able to sit down each night and play a single episode is just the right level of time and engagement for me. If I don't have time for a full episode, I'm having a great time just doing random patrol missions or instant challenges. And the non-engaged stuff like duty officer missions, admirality and R&D just scratch that spreadsheet itch for me perfectly.
I have a huge pile of games to play, but when I sit down for game time, I find myself launching STO rather than play anything else.