Star Trek Online Catch-All

I played a bit of the Romulan story on XBO, and while I didn't encounter any serious bugs the camera controls put me off enough that I ended up re-installing it on pc instead. You only get three or four options for camera distance, with the closest being WAY TOO CLOSE and all the others being WAY TOO FAR AWAY, and it doesn't matter what distance you set the camera to anyway because the first time you interact with anything it will reset to the farthest distance.

strangederby wrote:

Trying this out on Xbox. I really want to like it but it's so buggy right now I can't even finish the tutorial. Not impressed.

I apparently left a character in the tutorial when I quit (or, at least, I think it was the tutorial). Logged in to groups of 2 borg at a time attacking me, then immediately respawning. Ran to the only door I could go through, spent some time there with literally nothing to do but run around, but couldn't interact with anything. Deleted the character, skipped the tutorial, went to the academy with no clue what I was doing. Annnddd... back to Elite.

I want to like the game, but besides the bugs, and other issues I have with the game, I'm still a bit jaded from when I quit the first time. I spent real cash on keys to unlock chests, and managed to get one of those rare ships (can't even remember which at this point). Decided to sell it for the credits, so I put it up for auction for 1million. It sold, I got the payout, but only had 10k in my account... then realized you had to pay to uncap your credit level. Paid to uncap, and immediately opened a ticket (this being within minutes of the auction closing). Rep came on and said, more or less, tough sh*t. And then I remembered why I hate cash shop run games with caps on things.

Started a new character in the regular time frame and enjoying it a bit more.

I recently reinstalled this last night - will probably end up making a new character so I can get a better handle on all of these changes.

Is CWJ still a GWJ guild? Seems like someone new has taken it over, and my old character recently got purged.

Xeknos wrote:

Is CWJ still a GWJ guild? Seems like someone new has taken it over, and my old character recently got purged.

Had the same problem when I logged in for some free ship or whatever a couple months ago. I used to be an officer and somehow I wasn't even in.

Hunted around and someone here was still in and able to invite me

javamancer is active in the game and has another guild he hangs with. Friend him up in game for questions

Yeah, I'm still playing and can get you in a fleet if you want -- @Javamancer is my tag in the game.

Hi all. I have started playing this game after more than four years off. Holy crap have tons of things changed. I had to drop five missions that just don't exist anymore (rip Memory Alpha).

Anyway, I'm in a very large, very active fleet at the moment and have been having a blast. If any of you are still active, feel free to add me to friends. I'm @DocBad over there.

Cool, I'll look you up. I've only been playing about five months, but I'm still playing a lot.

Wait... What happened to Memory Alpha?

That was removed over two years ago when crafting was revamped.

I was smashing my ship into the star and planets in that (now lonely) system for a bit before I googled it and went 'oh, okay.'

I've had quite a surreal experience in this fleet, too. People open up quite a lot more than I'm used to. There's a lot of amazing connections I'm making for as long as my interest in the game lasts. Been an oddly rewarding experience.

I know it's silly, but assigning my duty officers to missions is a cathartic experience. Keep them busy on cool secondary and tertiary stuff from the show is just fun.

Dangit Doc, stop making this sound appealing!

...seriously, I'm very tempted. Maybe will install tonight.

docbadwrench wrote:

I know it's silly, but assigning my duty officers to missions is a cathartic experience. Keep them busy on cool secondary and tertiary stuff from the show is just fun.

Have you gotten to Admiral yet? You get to send your ships out on missions.

Yeah. That's what I've been doing. The admiralty system creates an instant reason to collect starships (as though people weren't already doing that, right?). With each increase in favor among the three factions, you gain access to new missions.

Didn't have too much time to play last night, but I always login to assign my doffs and take care of admiralty and reputation. When I have more time to play, increases the odds that I can take the odd mission I've never seen before then.

Almost done with my first duty-officer mission chain, too. At every nebula, you can start a chain that takes a few weeks to complete (assuming you remember to do the next mission in that chain). At the end of it, you get a chit to purchase a purple duty officer that corresponds with the location's options. These doffs are always high quality and can often tip a skill/ability toward greater effect.

A few days ago, I finished a delta quadrant mission at the end of which I got an EMH Mk 1 - a legendary duty officer ("The Doctor!" How can I not want that?). When you allocate him to be one of your five "ground" duty officers, then any time anyone on your away team uses a hypospray, there's a chance to summon him. He says his quintessential line and then runs around and heals people. If everyone has a hypo, then it basically happens at least one each mission.

You do the same for "space" duty slots. 5 of each basically. One of my space officers has a small chance to create an additional gravity well (I'm specc'd for that as a science officer) when I create one using my bridge officers.

Didn't get to connect with you @Zoso1701 (sorry!) but hope to do so tonight. At the very least, I need to send an invite so we can connect when not onine at exactly the same time.

Do invites not persist in offline mode Doc? I sent you an invite.

I will check when I get home. I thought they did. Honestly, even two weeks back to the game, I still don't 100% know the UI.

Season 12 launch trailer --

Also, this week they're celebrating their seventh anniversary by giving away free items each day. The first two days were outfits, and yesterday they gave us free ship and dry dock slots. Today's items are two spec points and two crafting packages.

Wish you'd told me before the costumes.

At least I got ship slots last night.

Sorry. I didn't think anyone other than docbadwrench was still playing or even interested in playing again, so I haven't been updating this thread.

Today's a free ship.

Yep -- The ship giveaway lasts until Monday morning.

Also, if you do the new mission before next Thursday morning, you'll get a deflector array and a choice between a spec point and a tech upgrade.

cube wrote:

Today's a free ship.

Unlike the last few days, it's not in the promotions tab of the c-store. It's in the normal Ships tab, but marked as free.

EDIT: And apparently you can't claim it for later if you're not high enough level to use it.

Doubt I'm leveling anyone up to 40 or 50, whatever it is, this weekend...

No posts since January so I'm sure there's not a huge amount of popularity with the game but it looks like STO has decided to move from a sub mode to a $15 one time purchase.

Is this game still a thing? Is it worth picking this up? Seems like a great deal and honestly, it's only $15 but thought I would ask first

It was great for a role before perfect world. Ok after. But once great.

I still like it. The space combat is fantastic, the devs do a good job of adding new content every few months often with voice actors from the shows, and there are plenty of people still playing it.

It has its flaws, but it's still worth checking out.

Definitely worth it. I like it but have not had time to go back lately.

Soooooooooooooooo if i bought it years ago does that count??? Like... preorder.....

If you bought the lifetime subscription like me, last I checked a couple years back, they were granting lots of extra currency and things each month.

I got a lifetime a long time ago, and I just pop in every now and then to see what's going on. It's fun, but... So much else going on.