Video Game Deals Catch-All

Dragon's Dogma under $5 on Steam.

Epic having an Assassin's Creed series sale.

Free Epic games:
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (repeat)

The new Fanatical Platinum Collection bundle has some good games. Both Darkside Detectives, Mutazione, Hypnospace Outlaw. Adios is interesting and Behind the Frame looks cool. Nanotale also looks cool. And then there's the Wolfensteins although you can play those on GamePass now.

SMT V lowest price ever $29.99 on Amazon.

Same for Monster Hunter Stories 2, $25 at GameStop. And TMNT: Cowabunga Collection.

Chorus on sale for lowest price on Steam, $16

Demo was fun, might be time to pick up the whole thing.

Stragglers or deal seekers for Contra or Castlevania anniversary collections on Xbone, they're both $4 in the Black Friday Sale on the marketplace.

Epic with 2 games and an add-on free this week.

Evil Dead
Dark Deity
Rumbleverse: Epic Cheerleader Pack

PlayStation Direct started up BF deals tonight at midnight apparently.

Dualsense for $50, all colors.

Tons of games for low or lowest prices ever.

Horizon Forbidden West for $30
Miles Morales for $20
Demon's Souls PS5 for $30
Last Of Us 2 for $10


Looks like Best Buy matching all of Sony's deals. So just a matter of if you want to pick up in store or wait. Or if you have some rewards or whatever.

Stele wrote:

Rumbleverse: Epic Cheerleader Pack

Huh, TIL that the epic store has region locks. That game doesn't exist for me, even in the web version of the store.

Oh looks like PS store is matching a lot of that too. I had Horizon: FW and Deathloop on my app wishlist, and got alerts this morning they are on sale. Same prices.

FYI: Miles morales and Demon’s Souls are both PlayStation subscription games.

If you own the Rare Replay on Xbone, Godeneye is going to be free. Also Rare Replay is 75% off for Black Friday sale.

Castlevania Advance Collection on the eshop is $12.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Castlevania Advance Collection on the eshop is $12.

Been waiting for that one... was hoping for $10 but maybe I'll go ahead. The other two (Castlevania and Contra) were very well done

The e-shop seems to be having a big sale in general. Finally snatched Skyrim, for example.

If you don't mind used games, some great deals over at Gamefly (CAG link for easy list view). I got Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for $40, and Mario Strikers Battle League for $30.

Well… that’s a damn good price. Too bad I grabbed already.

If you haven't played this already, you should. Cult-classic visual novel and its got an insanely low price of $2.99

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition on Switch eShop

Steam's Fall Sale is live

Everything on my wish list is on sale. More for the backlog.

Thoughts about

Do I buy Cybperpunk 2077 for $30? It seems like they have really fixed things a lot since launch....
Or Steelrising ($32)?
Or No Man's Sky ($30)
Or Yakuza: Like a Dragon ($20)

I have already bought Heroes of Might and Magic 3 ($4), Druidstone ($6) Dark Messiah of Might and Magic $3) and Phoenix Point ($20)

JohnKillo wrote:

Well… that’s a damn good price. Too bad I grabbed already.

I was about to say I got it for $20 but that was PS4 last year. So yeah that's a great price for the new Switch version

farley3k wrote:

Do I buy Cybperpunk 2077 for $30? It seems like they have really fixed things a lot since launch...

Yes. It's terrific. I finished it, and I never finish games.

If you are actually going to play it sure. If not wait because it will be cheaper sooner or later.

I vote steelrising or like a dragon over cyberpunk.

Pretty much everything on my wishlist is an underwhelming 25%-35% off, which probably means I'm not buying anything. These are all games that didn't interest me enough to buy them at full-price, so $10 off isn't really gonna move the needle.

Edit: even so, I was gonna buy something because reasons, but then I remembered that Midnight Suns releases in just over a week and I think I’ll spend my money on that.

Anyone know of any sale for new Call of Duty for PC?

I ended up only getting the Flaming Cliffs DLC for DCS (50% off), and IL-2 with a couple expansions (~80% off combined). Been on a real flight sim kick at the moment so I figured grabbing this stuff cheap now would be good as I'll play it now. Everything else on my wishlist (besides a couple games I'm waiting for release) would end up in the pile, and nothing else had a price cut quite as enticing.

Got TMNT collection, Shredder's Revenge, Mulaka, Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now, Wintermoor Tactics Club, and unavowed.

TMNT games are for switch and the other are steam games.

Narita Boy is free on GOG

Star Wars Squadrons is free on Epic