Disgaea D2 Demon-all



A sequel to the original Disgaea is in the works. Coming out in Q1 2013 in Japan is Disgaea D2.

Rather than continue on with a new main character and a higher number, the newly announced Disgaea D2 will be a direct sequel to the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Laharl, Etna, and Flonne will make their return as the main characters for the new game, and it will tell the story of what happens with them after the first game.

Disgaea D2 will be released exclusively for the PS3 on March 20, 2013 in Japan.

One, please.

... I didn't really need sleep anyway.

Lookin good.

I'll take one, with a side of Vita crossplay, please.



Anybody translate that trailer?

Give me a Vita version and I'm in.

Some screens and stuff in there. Looks like you'd expect a high res Disgaea game to look.

Argh. FALL? Not specific enough. Want it now!

Oct 8 apparently.

I pre-ordered. Screw it. I've probably given more hours to this series than any other. Might as well get some cool stuff with the pre-order.

The pre-order with guidebook at NIS is sold out. The one with just plush, soundtrack, and artbook is over 50% sold out. So grab it if you want.

The regular version I'd probably just get at Amazon, since it will get release-day delivery for much cheaper than NIS.

I know this is heresy, but I'm actually a little apprehensive. The quality in Disgaea stories and VA has dropped dramatically since the second one, while the complexity has skyrocketed to the point where it could take you hundreds of hours to get a single high-end skill for just one character. Add to that the heaps of paid, non-transferring DLC and, well... not sure I've got another one in me.

At least I've got some time to think about it.

I couldn't find a ton of reviews, but Famitsu score seems consistent with the previous games. Feature articles make it sound like they dropped some of the complexity from 3/4, and went back to some of the systems from 1/2. Streamlined is the word I have seen used in a couple places.

So I'm hopeful.

Also, if you don't buy it, you have to change your avatar. :p

New trailer released today:

Whew. E-mail from NIS America this week:

We were recently updated with a some news about the delivery time for the Disgaea D2 Limited Edition. Unfortunately, a small portion of our shipment has been delayed, and we will have to fulfill our customers on a first come, first served basis.

If you are receiving this letter, then you placed your order before the date of September 9, 2013. This means that your order will be shipped on time! This also means that you should at least receive a tracking number by the release date, if not the item itself.

First paragraph scared me. 2nd made me feel much better. Here I was worried about not ordering from Amazon and not getting the game until late, but it sounds like there's a chance for release-day delivery.

I kinda dislike that there hasn't been a ton to say here. All the previews I've looked at show that there's not a lot of WOW to this release outside of bringing back the original characters and I'm good with that. Seems like it's shaping up to be a refined, better looking and colorful Disgaea game. And I'm good with that. Just perhaps not launch day good, but that's more a personal money thing more than anything.

I think I'm in for day one. I'm still kind of worried, but I don't need to keep beating that dead horse.

Reviews are out.

Guess I'll post a video review.

Wow. Sounds perfect.

Wow indeed. I'm so happy to hear that my deep misgivings were completely misplaced.

I'm glad that geoblocks are absent. Never felt as fun to me.

I read a review that confirmed my fears that the VA and writing is on par with the recent games rather than the source material. Still, the story's kind of secondary to the meat of the game.

Got my shipping notice and tracking #. Might actually be here on time tomorrow.

garion333 wrote:

Free Halloween costume pack for the next 4 weeks. Download it now even if your not buying the game.

At least give them a store link, so they don't have to search through 200 Disgaea add-ons.

Free Halloween costume pack for the next 4 weeks. Download it now even if your not buying the game.

Stele wrote:
garion333 wrote:

Free Halloween costume pack for the next 4 weeks. Download it now even if your not buying the game.

At least give them a store link, so they don't have to search through 200 Disgaea add-ons. ;)

Thanks, I forget you can buy things online from PSN now.

Also, not Halloween themed. No idea where I got that idea from.

Game in my possession, now I just need work to be over so I can go home and play

Apparently my delivery will be late. USPS has already dropped off today and I did not get my package.

Tracking shows it is Priority Mail 2-day, shipped on Friday. Not sure how the hell it can't make it by Tues.

I guess Ca. to Fl. is a long way, but come on. If you say 2-day, surely you can deliver in 3 (since USPS works Sat.) :p

sometimes my mailperson comes by with packages after regular run... but good luck...

Just thought about this, this is my first Disgaea game ever, is there anything I should know before I start?