iPad AV suggestions

Hey, Goodjer hivemind. I need suggestions for an AV for my mum's iPad which she says has a virus (may be a trojan) that's spamming her contacts with links. Since I'm not livining in the same country I can't troubleshoot properly for her do my advice so far has been to change passwords on a separate device and to take the thing back to the nearest apple store so the geniuses can factory reset it.

Now, googling for an AV on apple devices isn't great because people believe that they ae immune to such things, unfortunately. I found two blog posts for AV programmes but i don't recognise most of the companies or products and the ones that I do are not ones i would not recommend such as McAfee.

Does anyone have any knowledge in this area?

Apologies if there's a thread but I can't locate the search function on my mobile.

I don't think you can really do anti-virus on an iPad: each app is tightly sandboxed from the rest so the only files the virus scanner could scan would be its own.

It's more likely to be some free app or web service that's scraped her contact list and uploaded them to some spamming service.

Hi zelos. Yeah, looks like something like that may have happened. It was just that she initially told me that it was the iPad. Now she's mentioned that she accesses hotmail on another home laptop and a work pc. Going to be impossible to sort this out from my end I think.

My advice basically has to be "check laptop, check iPad and get the school it admin to check the pc".

Thanks for the reply!

You might get her to go over her iPad apps as well. My mom was having similar issues after installing some sort of chat app on her iPad. If you give the app permission to access your contacts, it might scrape those and start sending spam from her address.

Thanks! Will try to do!

I'm not much of an Apple fan so my knowledge on this (coupled with distance) is a bit of a drag.

It could be rough depending on how much she has on there, but she could do a factory reset. Or restore from a backup made before the problems started.